Admissions decisions sometimes rest on how well you do during the interview. It is especially true for Management Course admissions which involve acute competitiveness.Making a good impression on paper is winning half the battle. The latter half-personal interview- is more challenging. Your chances of securing MBA admission in a reputed B-school will increase dramatically if you put time and energy into preparing for the interview.


The interview is a critical step in the management course admission process and should not be taken lightly. An interview is aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately – assessing the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the ‘fit’ with the business school.

Approach the MBA admission interview as a conversation to be enjoyed, not as a question-and-answer ordeal. It just means that you’re being sized up as a person and a future professional in all your dimensions. Your interview is your opportunityto convince the admission committee that you are up to the challenge you are expected to face in future.

Some tips for MBA admission interview –

  1. Do the Homework – Be sure that you have researched the MBA program thoroughly. Understand the process since each business school has a unique approach.
  2. Know Yourself–This is your chance to show off your wealth of past experiences, the prominent attributes you currently possess and future goals.When the questioning transitions to your goals for the future, be prepared with specific reasons for getting MBA admission instead of vague and generic responses.
  3. Project Confidence – Regardless of your general confidence level, do your best to clear your mind of doubt and believe that you deserve an admission.
  4. Read your Interviewer- While you cannot prepare for every single type of interviewer, you can adjust your style a bit to match theirs.

Mind Basics – Dress decently, organize all your documents properly and reach in time. Do not forget to mention your hobbies; they give an extra shine to your personality.