For pursuing a post graduate course in economics, you’re usually expected to have economics as a major subject in your undergraduate studies. Below, we have listed various possible job opportunities for an economics postgraduate.


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As an auditor, you will be examining spreadsheet data, analyzing company accounts, checking the safety of assets and ensuring that the financial records of a company are valid and legal. There are internal and external auditors. As an internal auditor, you will be looking at factors other than examining the financial accounts such as growth, environmental stability and ethics of the company. An external auditor is responsible for overseeing that the money collected through taxes is being used efficiently. An auditor can also advise on the possible risks and the cost savings that could be made.

Financial Manager

For any organization to succeed, it has to manage its finances. This is what a financial manager takes care of. You will also be responsible for advising the clients on taking good business decisions for the growth of their company. You will have to prepare financial reports and develop methods will lead to increase in revenue of a company. Your task is to make sure that the company reaches its financial goals and come up with strategies to expand the company.

Data Analyst

If you are very good in mathematics and have some great analytical skills, this is the job for you. From finance to pharmaceuticals to the government sector, data analysts are in high demand. For this, you need to have good communication skills, be observant and organized. You will be required to develop surveys, conduct them and analyze the data collected. Also, you have to check data quality and audit it. You will be analyzing large sets of data, drawing conclusions from them and present them using tools.


If you have really good organizational and time management skills, this is a job for you to consider. The competition for this field is really tight, and you need everything you can to enhance your skills. Learning a few foreign languages might come in really handy. As an economist, you will be analyzing data and statistics, carry out research and collect information. From this, you will be developing strategies to increase the efficiency. It also includes offering advice to stakeholders and assess the past and current economic trends.

Chartered Accountant

The work of a chartered accountant includes providing financial advice, auditing accounts and offering information with respect to financial records. Leadership qualities, team-working skills, good communication skills and a methodical approach towards things are necessary for this job. As a charted accountant, you can work in any sector and in any organization. You will be managing financial systems and budgets, investigating risks associated with a company, checking for frauds and coming up with measures to prevent frauds.

If you are into analyzing the markets and researching the economy, it is highly advisable to continue your higher studies in the subject. There are various career opportunities out there for postgraduates from economics.