BBA IO (International business)

BBA IO (International business)

As Rancho in 3 Idiots put it quite wittily, ‘Getting an engineering degree, then an MBA and finally landing in a banking job’ is a disaster of a career. Though it is proven to be lucrative, ‘Engineering plus MBA’ is slowly becoming passé. The younger generation is much more informed. It is inclined towards careers that have a clear vision right from the beginning.

Hence, BBA. The Bachelor of Business Administration course is a step in the right direction, if you have want to pursue a career in Business Administration. It creates a solid base for the master’s degree and opens up job opportunities on an international level. Specialisations like BBA – IB (International Business) make this further focussed. Renowned institutes like Garware College of Commerce have incorporated this course in their curriculum.

What is BBA-IB?

BBA in International Business is an inclusive course that combines Business Administration studies with exposure to international business scenario. Right from Economic Analysis, Accounting and Marketing, the curriculum accommodates topics like International Business Environment, Foreign Exchange Operations and International Relations. There is a tight focus on developing skills of students in both the areas – business fundamentals as well as understanding of international economics. Subjects like Soft Skill Development and Foreign Languages lend additional benefits. They make students ready for working in multi-national environments and develop them as all-round professionals.

BBA IB Admissions in Pune

The course has gained momentum in India in the recent past. Many eminent institutes, which already had BBA in their curriculum, have started International Business as a specialisation. The Garware Commerce College (GCC), Pune, which was founded in 1967, had the course as Bachelor of Business Management (BBM). As a part of promoting an independent institute, GCC started the BBA and BBA-IB courses. The course now has tremendous response and GCC enables global exposure for its students through collaboration with Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada. International students from over 11 countries have also studied in the college.

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Why is it trending?

While globalisation is more than 25 years’ old in India, the multi-national corporate is now expanding in sectors other than IT. From retail to banking to manufacturing, various industries are finding their feet in India. The trend also works in the reverse direction where many foreign companies in diverse sectors are hiring Indian employees. This creates tremendous opportunities for business professionals. Portfolios like accounting, marketing, operations and various managerial positions are being acquired by Indians. All this creates a strong case for professionals having in-depth knowledge of Business Administration. The demand naturally tilts towards those who have post-graduation as well as graduation in the field.

BBA-IB also enables students to pursue a variety of courses for post-graduation. While MBA is the popular option, diverse specialisations like Master’s in Business Economics (MBE), Master’s in Management Studies (MMS), Master’s in Finance Management (MFM), and Master’s in Economics are available. There are also options like Post-Graduate Diploma in Management that offer flexibility and are also recognised and respected. This opens vast avenues for students of business administration. The scope is not just in India but many foreign universities welcome Indian students for post-graduation. This naturally creates an opportunity for getting better and highly paying jobs.

Is it worth it?

The question is obvious. It all boils down to how much do you earn after all this effort? And the answer is what applies to all fields – depends on your intelligence and hard work. The average salaries of BBA graduates are 2 to 4 lakh per annum, but this depends on a lot of factors. Right from the company you are hired in to the place where the company is located to the designation you’re given, contribute to the package you get. The specialisation of your BBA and/or MBA also plays a role.

Further, an encouraging fact is that you can climb the ladder gradually and surely, if you are putting in enough effort. The BBA-IB course, like the one at Garware Commerce College, Pune, prepares you for practical situations. Various facets of international business – laws, ethics, taxation etc. – are covered to equip students with latest and relevant knowledge. All these aspects apply directly on the field when you are working with a company. The specialization in International Business helps you interact with global clients. Skills like foreign language and soft skills make the interactions smoother, again facilitating in the growth of the company as well as the individual.

Globalization has lead to interconnected Business Environment

The simple fact is that when you specialize in Business Administration right from the graduation level, you have an edge in the industry. Your exposure to the concepts and jargons of finance and business development begins much earlier. In a business world that is becoming increasingly conscious of the personnel they select, exposure, knowledge and specialization have immense value.As said in the beginning, if Business Administration is the field of your choice, BBA-IB is the first and the correct step!