Alternatives to Mettl Online Proctoring
Alternatives to Mettl Online Proctoring Solution


Mercer Mettl is undoubtedly one of the best proctoring solutions to opt in for, the Mettl platform is adopted by many reputed organizations and institutes for conducting proctored online exams. While the majority of the users enjoy using the Mettl platform, there are people like me who would like to opt-in for a more cost-effective, and customized solution for my needs with a few additional features. 

I have tried multiple proctoring solutions since we shifted our exams to online mode. With my experience and expertise in the subject matter, I recommend others consider the below factors before they choose an alternative to Mettl for online proctoring.

Features to be prioritized while choosing an Online Proctoring Solution:

Features to be prioritized while choosing an Online Proctoring Solution


The software you would choose must be trustworthy as you share your student data and question papers with the platform, and all the data you upload on the platform must be preserved securely by the platform.


The ability to accommodate a large number of students simultaneously is essential for a smooth and efficient exam process. Ensuring the proctoring solution can handle scalability without technical glitches or delays is crucial.

AI Malpractice Prevention: 

With the rise of technology in exams, the risk of malpractice has increased. Proctoring solutions with AI-enabled technology can detect suspicious behaviour, such as cheating, in real-time, ensuring exam integrity and accurate results.

Support for Multiple Proctoring Types

Different exams may require various proctoring methods. A proctoring solution that supports multiple types of proctoring allows institutions to choose the method that best suits their needs, ensuring an efficient exam process.

Real-time Support: 

Technical issues may arise during exams, and students may require prompt assistance from the proctor. Selecting a proctoring solution with real-time support ensures that issues are resolved promptly, resulting in a stress-free exam experience.

With the above factors and many other niche requirements of mine, I opted for Eklavvya for conducting AI-proctored online exams and had a great experience as a user. I found Eklavvya to be the best alternative to Mercer Mettl as it is more cost-effective and loaded with additional features which work seamlessly with online proctoring.

One of the major features of Eklavvya is that it supports the OnScreen marking, meaning that the examiner can securely perform the digital evaluation using a computer or tablet. The feature not only helps in digitalization but also helps in automation as AI descriptive answer evaluation would help in auto-evaluating the answers accurately.

Let us know more about Eklavvya

Eklavvya is an award-winning online examination platform integrated with AI-powered proctoring. With a proven track record of conducting over 32 million exams and supporting 52 types of examinations, Eklavvya stands out as a highly reliable and scalable proctoring solution.

Highlights about exclusive features of Eklavvya:

Highlights about exclusive features of Eklavvya

Apart from the general features like AI-Integrated Proctoring, scalability, reliability, and seamless integration, below are the features that make Eklavvya stand out:

OnScreen Marking

By using Onscreen Evaluation Software, the examiner reduces the physical handling of the answer sheets, and this way, less damage occurs to those sheets. As they can check answer papers from anywhere by login into the system, their travel cost is also eliminated.

In the onscreen evaluation system, the checker doesn’t need to check the questions a student had written answers to. The onscreen evaluation software automatically considers the best answers of the student based on question type and marking pattern. It gives marks for each answer according to that so that the examiner does not need to follow every question during answer checking. 

AI Question Paper Generation

Although bank creation and management are the key tasks in examination management, both of these tasks remain to be completely manual. Eklavvya supports AI question bank generation on any topic that you would need.

With the Question bank analytics features of Eklavvya, the question bank can be analyzed and the question papers of required difficulty level, subject and topic-wise weightage can be generated with a single click.

Further, this feature also supports the creation of a unique question paper for each of the students with similar difficulty levels and subject and topic-wise weightage.

If you are someone like me, whose candidates prefer to appear for the exam at their preferable timings, these features of AI question paper generation can greatly help you!

Centre Based Examinations

Many organizations still prefer to conduct offline examinations, these exams can be preferably conducted in a digital mode to make the examination process more seamless and transparent.

If you are the one who would prefer to conduct the Center based examination, Eklavvya can greatly help with its chain of offline exam centres and tie-ups across the nation.

Additional perk-

Users do not need to install any software for appearing in the online exam, they can appear in the examination right from their Chrome browser without even an additional Chrome Extension.

Considering all these factors, Eklavvya emerges as a top alternative to Mettl online proctoring solution. Its reliability, scalability, AI-powered proctoring, seamless integration, user-oriented design, and extended features make it an ideal choice for educational institutions looking for a robust and efficient proctoring solution.

While Eklavvya fulfils the need of all academic and corporate assessment needs, you may consider opting for Psyft, a more customized solution tailored to meet your hiring assessment needs.

The Psyft possess speciality in conducting the tests for hiring, which are intended to check the personality traits which are critical to performing the work that an individual needs to do in a job role.

Psyft comes up with many innovative features, which are available in both Mercer Mettl and Eklavvya but are more customized and fit to the purpose, I have listed down a few core features that makes Psyft a good alternative to Mercer Mettl and Eklavvya for hiring assessments.

Subject expertise and APA-aligned tests:

You do not need to define the questions as those are readily available with Psyft, and as a cherry on top, these questions are highly customized in line with APA guidelines to get insights on the personality of the candidate being assessed.

Features of Psyft for conducting psychometric tests:

Customized reports for insights on candidate suitability:

Going a little beyond the marks of the candidate in the test, there are multiple factors which make a candidate suitable for a job role. For example, for a job role of a hospital nurse, Empathy would be an equally favoured or even preferred trait over the candidate’s technical knowledge.

Psyft creates an insightful report that helps you understand insights on a candidate’s personality beyond marks, helping the recruiter to choose the best-fit candidate.

Role-based assessments

Each role demands different capabilities. As mentioned earlier, more weightage needs to be given to a specific trait or set of traits based on job role requirements.

Being one of the progressive hiring test management tools, Psyft understands the importance of customization of tests and reports for each role.

Key advises

It’s important to thoroughly evaluate your institution’s specific requirements and priorities when selecting an online proctoring solution. Consider factors such as the size of your student population, the nature of exams, integration requirements, and budgetary constraints.

Additionally, gathering feedback from other institutions or conducting a pilot test can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and suitability of the proctoring solution.

By carefully assessing these factors and comparing Eklavvya with Mettl, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your institution’s needs and supports the successful implementation of online proctoring for exams.

Here is how you can choose the best remote proctoring software for your needs.

Still not sure about which platform to choose? Here is a quick comparison of features that might help!

FeaturesMercer MettlEklavvyaPysft
Controlled Role-based Access✔️✔️
AI Proctoring✔️✔️
Bulk Question Import✔️✔️
User Management✔️✔️✔️
Performance Analytics✔️✔️✔️
Recruitment Tests✔️✔️✔️
Skill Based Assessments✔️✔️✔️
Question Bank Analytics✔️
AI Question Paper Generation✔️
Centre Based Examinations✔️
AI Descriptive Answer Auto Evaluation✔️
Digital Evaluation of Subjective Evaluation✔️
API-based Question Framework for Hiring Assessments✔️
Job Role-based Competency Analytics✔️
Requirement of Chrome Extension/Plugin✔️