DigiLocker & Academic Bank of Credits
DigiLocker & Academic Bank of Credits


In today’s digital era, technological advancements have transformed various aspects of our lives, including education. One such remarkable innovation is DigiLocker, a cloud-based platform that offers a convenient and secure way to store and manage important documents.

With the implementation of the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) as mandated by the National Education Policy 2020, understanding how DigiLocker works becomes crucial for institutes and students alike. In this blog, we will explore the workings of DigiLocker and its significance in the context of the ABC system.

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Understanding DigiLocker: A Secure Gateway to Digital Credentials

DigiLocker is an initiative by the Government of India to provide a digital platform for citizens to store and access important documents. It is part of the Digital India program and aims to minimize paperwork, simplify document management, and enhance accessibility. DigiLocker offers a free cloud storage service where users can securely upload, store, and share their documents.

It serves as a centralized repository for storing and sharing digital documents and certificates. With DigiLocker, students and educators can now securely access and manage their educational credentials, such as degrees, diplomas, and mark sheets, anytime and anywhere. The platform eliminates the need for physical document storage and significantly reduces the risk of document loss or damage.

DigiLocker has revolutionized the way we handle educational documents. It provides a seamless and secure platform for students to access and share their credentials, streamlining administrative processes.

DigiLocker empowers students to easily share their verified educational documents with academic institutions, potential employers, or any other relevant parties. This eliminates the hassle of producing physical copies or waiting for document verification, making the application process more efficient and convenient.

DigiLocker has significantly expedited our document verification process. It saves valuable time and resources, allowing us to focus more on evaluating applicants’ qualifications rather than verifying documents.

Moreover, DigiLocker’s integration with various educational boards and institutions has fostered interoperability, ensuring the authenticity and validity of digital documents. This feature not only promotes trust but also prevents fraudulent practices associated with counterfeit certificates.

Academic Bank of Credits: Enabling Seamless Credit Transfers

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is a groundbreaking system that simplifies the transfer of academic credits between educational institutions. It serves as a repository where students can store and accumulate credits earned across different courses, institutions, and disciplines. This transferability of credits allows students to have greater flexibility in designing their academic journeys.

The Academic Bank of Credits has given students the freedom to explore interdisciplinary subjects without the fear of losing credits. It empowers them to shape their educational paths in alignment with their interests and career goals.

With the ABC system, students no longer face the challenge of repeating coursework when transferring to a new institution or pursuing higher education. This promotes a seamless educational experience and reduces both the financial burden and the time required to complete a degree.

The Academic Bank of Credits will have a transformative impact on students’ mobility. It will encourage them to pursue learning opportunities across various institutions and diversify their educational experiences.

The ABC system also enables educational institutions to have a standardized credit framework, facilitating credit recognition and transfer agreements among different colleges and universities. This promotes collaboration and partnerships between institutions, fostering an ecosystem of knowledge sharing and academic progression.

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DigiLocker and the Academic Bank of Credits:

The implementation of the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) under the National Education Policy 2020 necessitates a seamless document management system. DigiLocker plays a crucial role in enabling institutes and students to efficiently handle the documentation requirements of the ABC system.

Here is the working of DigiLocker and its significance in the Academic Bank of Credits:

How does DigiLocker Work

1. Document Upload and Storage: 

Institutes can guide students to create their DigiLocker accounts and upload relevant documents such as academic certificates, mark sheets, and other credentials. These documents can be stored securely on the cloud, eliminating the risk of physical document loss or damage.

Example: Imagine a student named Rahul who has completed his undergraduate degree from Institute A and is now pursuing postgraduate studies at Institute B. As part of the ABC system, Rahul needs to transfer his credits from Institute A to Institute B. With DigiLocker, Rahul can create an account and upload his academic certificates, mark sheets, and other relevant documents. These documents are securely stored in his DigiLocker account, ensuring that they are readily accessible whenever needed.

2. Document Verification and Sharing:

DigiLocker provides a mechanism for document verification and authentication. Institutes can easily access and verify student documents for credit transfer or other academic processes. Documents can also be shared with external organizations or agencies requiring verification or authentication, simplifying the overall process.

Example: Institute B, where Rahul is currently studying, needs to verify his academic documents from Institute A for credit transfer. The authorities at Institute B can easily access Rahul’s DigiLocker account, verify the authenticity of his documents through the digital signatures and verification processes offered by DigiLocker, and proceed with the credit transfer process. This streamlined verification process saves time and eliminates the need for physical document submission.

3. Seamless Transfer of Credits:

With the ABC system, students can accumulate credits earned from various institutions and transfer them across institutes as required. DigiLocker ensures a seamless transfer of verified documents and certificates, facilitating a smoother credit transfer process.

Example: Suppose Rahul plans to pursue a research project at Institute C, which requires the transfer of his credits from both Institute A and Institute B. Using DigiLocker, Rahul can authorize the transfer of his verified documents from both institutes to Institute C. The seamless transfer of documents through DigiLocker ensures that Institute C receives all the necessary information about Rahul’s academic achievements, facilitating a smooth transition for him to commence his research project.

4. Enhanced Collaboration:

DigiLocker allows for collaboration between students, institutes, and external organizations. Students can share specific documents or credentials with potential employers, scholarship committees, or other educational institutions, promoting transparency and ease of communication.

Example: As Rahul nears the completion of his postgraduate studies, he decides to explore job opportunities. Using DigiLocker, Rahul can selectively share his academic certificates and other relevant documents with potential employers. For instance, when applying for a job, Rahul can provide employers with temporary access to specific documents stored in his DigiLocker account. This enables employers to verify their credentials quickly and efficiently, expediting the recruitment process.

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Benefits of DigiLocker:

Benefits of DigiLocker

1. Paperless and Environmentally Friendly:

DigiLocker eliminates the need for physical copies of documents, reducing paper usage and contributing to a greener environment.

2. Convenient and Accessible:

Users can access their documents anytime, anywhere, using the DigiLocker website or mobile app. This accessibility ensures that important documents are never lost or misplaced.

3. Secure and Authentic:

DigiLocker uses robust security measures to protect stored documents. The platform ensures document integrity through digital signatures and verification processes.

4. Integration with Government Services:

DigiLocker is integrated with various government departments and agencies, making it easier to share documents for services such as applying for passports, driving licenses, or educational certifications.


DigiLocker has emerged as a game-changer in the digitization of document management, offering a wide range of benefits for students and educational institutes. With the implementation of the Academic Bank of Credits as mandated by the National Education Policy 2020, understanding and effectively utilizing DigiLocker becomes imperative.

By leveraging the power of DigiLocker, institutes and students can streamline document management, facilitate credit transfers, and promote a digital ecosystem that empowers education in the 21st century.