It is not a distant past, when successfully completing academic course [diploma/graduation/post-graduation] was the only goal of the students. But last few decades have witnessed a drastic change in this scenario. The competition has become severe. There is burst of information and resources. This has certainly put pressure on student’s community to acquire many skill sets and prove themselves.

These conditions demand a rounded personality resource rather than just academically excellent profile. Hence as a student only, you need to create your own brand. Your brand is everything about you; your attitude, your hobbies, your interests, your professional inclinations, your grades and your persona. How you present yourself and how impressive is your social media presence is also equally important. Branding yourself as a student is a first step of your career success.

How to brand yourself as a student

Continuous Education Approach

First and prime thing to remember while branding yourself as a student is that do not limit your education to one single stream.It is imperative that you complete at least one add on certificate or training course while pursuing your graduation. It hones your skills and provides practical experience necessary to shape your professional life. You may be aware that several online competitions are organized especially for students of various age groups. Participating in such competitions helps you stay updated about the current topics and events in the world around. Similarly being active on the forums related to your academic field gives you a strong opportunity to get connected with like- minded people. It also inculcates leadership qualities.

Social and Professional Networking Profile

It’s important to ensure that your name is on the fore front in searches in the world of web. Consistent and prudent presence on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is must while creating your brand.Upload your resume on LinkedIn and be active on it. In the digital era, you can easily connect with literally millions of people by sharing your story.So always stay blessed by technology. As a student,it is necessary that you build your online credibility and visibility. Being active in crafting your personal brand ensures you’re getting the right ideas across to the companies and brands you want to work for in the future.

Educational Forums (Online and Offline)

One more prominent feature to create your brand as a student is to mark your presence at industrial forums/ events where student entry is allowed.Such platforms give you right exposure and opportunity to interact with people working in various domains. Such an exposure lays a strong foundation of your successful career.Such events also help to build professional relationships that go a long way to shape your future.

To conclude it is necessary that as a student you should actively ‘buzz’ your brand! Doing that will develop credibility; credibility will lead to influence; and influence will lead to leadership and bright professional career.