Today’s world is built on brands. Statistics show that children recognize brands by the age of 5 and adults base 85% of their purchasing decisions on brand reputation. Increasing your institution’s brand awareness – and reputation – can have a significant impact on your enrollment figures. An innovative marketing strategy is required for branding of your institution for admission purpose.

Below are five powerful places to consider when you are branding your institution for getting more enrollments-

Transform institute Brand Image for Admissions

1.Institution Logo

If you’re considering re branding of your institution, you should begin with your logo. Your logo is the foundation of your institution’s brand. The choice of colors, font and the style used in your logo will dictate the tone of all your other marketing efforts.

A complete logo re branding is not always needed; however a refreshment of your current logo can give your institution brand a modern boost without losing the traditional values that it was built upon.

2. Institution’s Website 

Research shows that it takes two-tenths of a second for a potential customer / parent to form a first impression on your institution when viewing your website. Very often the website will be the first contact that a potential parent or pupil has with your institution. A good or bad website can make or break your institution’s brand reputation.


Branding isn’t just about using the same logo and school colors; it is also about sending the same positive messages in your Prospectus content as you do on your website. These brand messages can then be reinforced by your institution motto, logo and your brand colors.

High quality photos, well written copy, correct use of logo, and a professional layout are all essential to a good school prospectus whether it be print or digital.

Prospects should be able to fetch maximum information about your institute while visiting the website. It can help to make decision to apply for admission of the course.

4.Social Media 

Not only can social media links to your website contribute to your school website’s search engine results, but your social media platforms are another opportunity to spread brand awareness. Be sure your social media pages are branded to be consistent with your institution’s branding guidelines. Social media play a major role in branding your institution for admission purpose.

5.PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads 

Branded PPC ads are those that show up when someone is searching for your institution in search engines like google. Although it may not appear to make sense to have a paid advertisement appear when a parent or pupil are already looking for your website, a branded PPC advertisement will ensure your website is top ranking on the search results page. It will automatically increase your enrollments.

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