Institute Alumna for Brand BuildingInstitute Alumna for Brand Building

Today when educational institutes are facing acute competitiveness and more complex challenges. Many new institutes are coming up every day and the old established ones are trying to up their game.

Institutes need to build their unique brand identity in order to attract students. In this case, an alumni community is the best resource to rely on.

Brand Ambassadors of Institute

Alumni are brand ambassadors of your institution. They are the interface between your institution and the students. They have trustworthy knowledge to share with current as well as prospective students and do campaigning of your institution like none other and that too without a need of any bravado.

The concerted efforts done for alumni management are well reflected in building a strong and long lasting brand of your institution. Here are 5 ways to use alumni for building the brand of your institute.

1. Sharing Alumni Success Stories

More than your prospectus, alumni success stories give weightage to your institute. Every former student of your institution has his/her own unique experience about how your institution contributed in shaping his career and life as well.

Employability is a prime issue for all students, so it always helps to share alumni success stories on your web-site. It definitely adds value to your institutional brand.

2. Sharing Alumni Entrepreneur Details

Alumni turned to promising entrepreneurs are the real pillars for your institutional brand building. They provide students variety of additional tools, advice, practical support and guidance as they build their own entrepreneurial ventures.

They not only inspire the students but empower them with their real life experiences. They can also be helpful during campus placement of the institute and can help in hiring freshly graduated students.

3. Alumni Promotion News

There are various means to connect alumni. World today provides many ‘easy to reach’ tools, thanks to the advance in communication technology. Social media like Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, alumni magazines and institutional websites offer a right platform where news regarding achievements and accolades received by alumni is shared and spread.

This activity abets increase the attachment for Alma matter and in turn strengthens the institutional brand.

4. Alumni virtual meets

Technology today is at your service for effective alumni management. Google Hangouts is an amazing space for alumni to get connected with other students, faculty, and even staff.

Hangouts are an extraordinary way to make all come together and talk face to face without even being in the same room.

5. Inviting Alumni as judge for competitions

Various communication channels can be used to inform and engage alumni, and remind them of the relevance and support of your institution in their lives. One of the effective channels is inviting them to judge the competitions organized at your institution.

Such occasions enable them to re-live their college days and help you to connect with the current students with outstanding alumni, thus enhancing the institutional image.

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