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Alumni of any institute plays crucial role in brand building of the institute in the longer run. After student graduates from the institute and enters in the professional world, perception of the people about particular institute depends upon such graduate student.

Currently there are many ways institute can build network of alumni and keep them engaged with institute to have mutual benefits.
1.    Campus Placement: Strong alumni association certainly helps institute to attract diverse organizations for the recruitment of passing graduates of the institute. Strong alumni association also helps existing students to have better interaction with the industry.

2.   Internship Opportunities: Students would find easy to get industry internship opportunities. Such live projects provide lot of insight to the student about practical exposure to their academic knowledge.

3.   Support for Education Events: Strong network of alumni would help institute to raise funds to manage various events like Technical Event, Paper presentation, project competitions. Such activities of event management enhances brand of the institute.

There are many examples where alumni of the institute interact with the current students to successfully manage such education events. This also provides opportunity to the students to learn managerial skills of event management.

4.    Seminars and Discussion:  Strong alumni network provides opportunity to the institute to arrange seminars, group discussions about various topics like career opportunities, experience sharing sessions, personality development sessions.

5.    Sharing career Opportunities:  Some of the top B schools like Harward Business School, London School of Business, UK, and USA based institutes maintain strong alumni network. It helps alumni group to refer each other, share job opportunities. Institute can also take help of such strong network to build their own brand.

6.    Institute celebrations: Institute can invite alumni group through email, sms for the special events like Silver Jubilee, success of Research, student success. Such activities enhances network of existing students, prospective students and alumni group.

Any institute looking to build brand should focus on above mentioned activities. Alumni association is one of the neglected areas by most of the institutes and by acting on various aspects of alumni association Institute can build its brand among prospective students.