Video Marketing Facts

Education sector has been evolving over the years. Marketing of the new and niche course has become important activity  to attract targeted students for the course. Apart from traditional methods social media marketing has been picking  up . It is cost effective way of marketing as  student community extensively uses social media in their day to day life.

Videos for Marketing

Video Marketing Facts

Above statistics clearly showing video is the future for education institutes as well.  More videos are  being watched and preferred by the student community rather than traditional blogs and informative texts.

Video marketing can have better engagement and it can also help you to go viral on social media with more number students can view your video.

Videos are powerful and small 1 minute videos can also be shared on whatsapp.

Whatsapp has come up with business app. As an education institute you can define your whatapp channel to interact with students. Smaller videos can also be shared on whatsapp.

Social Media Impact of Video

Videos can have positive impact on your marketing campaign and it can help to reach out and attract more number of students. Users prefer to see videos. Message communication using video is powerful and impacting. Users prefer to see small introductory and interesting videos instead of reading lengthy articles or information.

Following are some of the video samples which you can refer.

Introduction of Institute

In the above video one of the training institute video is able to make positive impression about their offering. It is a short  minute video  provides detailed information about its offering and advantages of the course.

Students prefer watching such type of videos instead of reading articles. New technology and tools can help you to define such videos . Posting such videos on social media should be done regularly to improve engagement with your prospective students.

Student Testimonial Video

Current students or alumna plays critical role in brand building of the institute. We had already explained it in our previous articles about importance of alumna for branding of the institute. You can use it in preparing video. Short video can be prepared which would include students expressing their opinion about course, curriculum, institute, campus placement etc.  There is likelihood that such video could get viral on social media and it can help you to reach out to more prospective students.

Course Introduction Video

If you have launched unique course or want to communicate advantages of the course for the students then video can be good strategy. Famous professor or teachers of the course can share their opinion about it, this opinion can be recorded using mobile phone camera. Similarly opinion of the industry veteran can be taken into consideration and it can also be recorded using camera. Both things can be combined into small video. It can be published on social media . Prospective students would find it appealing.


  • Video marketing is emerging thing and as an education entity you should identify video marketing as one of the important thing for brand building of the institute. Video marketing can be cost effective way to attract students for your courses.
  • More prospects can see your offering through video rather than text, informative articles
  • Videos can go viral on social media
  • Videos are useful to increase your social media following.