Video Marketing Facts

The internet is not the future. It is the present, it’s already here. And with everything moving on the web, it is imperative that your marketing campaign move too. 

 Video Marketing Facts

Video & Education Institute Marketing

There’s an old, and very elementary, marketing advice that says “Put your billboard where they’ll see it.” A modern interpretation of that: Target your marketing campaign around the attention zone of your target audience.

It’s no secret that content consumption over the television and print media have been on an all-time decline. The reason for that being the biggest media consumers, youth/students  are moving increasingly to the internet for watching media.

Depending on your advertising choice, that can be both good or bad. As a school or educational institute,if you’re still advertising solely on print media, newspaper, there’s a chance that it’s not reaching your target audience at all as they are looking elsewhere.

But, and this is where things get interesting, if you are supplementing your traditional advertising force with internet video marketing, you’re capturing the entire spectrum and more.


Choices Out There

The success of YouTube means that it is still the primary and the biggest arena for your school’s video marketing campaign. This is due to the broad nature and types of videos making it to YouTube: from commercials to coaching to infotainment. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just that.

Facebook video traffic is at an all-time high and is still steadily growing as more and more people are turning to the social media for catching up on their interests.

Another benefit of including Facebook in your school marketing is that it will be a part of your Facebook page and its promotion. And this is something where Facebook is still king: Directing consumer targeting.

Most of the social media platforms have enhanced and updated their offerings so that users can upload videos. Consumption of videos is better and its organic reach is also large compared to text based contents. Users prefer to see videos than reading text based contents.


What, Why & How

Now that we know where to put up your content, let’s move on to the content itself. Video’s superiority over other media forms lies in the variety and the choices it provides the advertiser. As a school, there’s a plethora of ways you can use video for your admissions campaign.


Start with the basics, and make a school commercial. This should highlight the facilities of your school and the features that make it stand apart from your competition. Use student’s and parent’s testimonial to make it more interesting.

The reason behind making the shorter versions is non-YouTube media. On platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat the advertiser only has a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewer before they move on. This eliminates the room for build-up and lengthy sequences.



Webinars involve an individual from your school discussing a particular topic on video which can be live or pre-recorded. These may include the admission process, Do’s and Don’ts, or other topics specific to your school.

Have a Q&A session at the end where the viewers can ask their queries and have them answered by the school. Also, be active on the comments section of the video. It shows your commitment towards helping interested people.

As you make more videos on popular topics, your video library will grow and prove as an informative source for students and parents and valuable marketing asset for the school.

Giving a live tour of your school campus might be another great way to gather some traction and build a following.


Putting Things on Paper

You can increase the efficiency of your video marketing campaign by promoting them on non-video resources such as school brochure, television commercial, admission forms, newspaper advertising by providing a link to your online video resources.

If you want to be creative, use Facebook’s Code Scanning feature where you can print the image of a code assigned to your page on your marketing material. And when people scan it using their smartphones, it’ll take them directly to the school’s Facebook page or messenger chat box. Nifty, aye?


Getting Started

Your school’s video journey might not be as difficult as you think. You don’t need cinema grade equipment to get started. Use a simple camera and microphone to make the initial videos. And as you build a following move on to more sophisticated equipment and techniques.

But the important element is starting now and having faith in your campaign. You can also upload student feedback, teachers feedback/ opinion, parent interactions, institute events, presentations in the form of video to promote your institution.

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