Facebook Marketing for Education Institute

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month; imagine this pool of people dynamically engaging on the world’s top social media platform. It’s no wonder, Facebook is significant and influential tool to reach to an audience, share news, and even shape and influence ideas and perceptions. This is shown on how each brand and organization have their own Facebook pages and accounts.


Facebook for University Marketing

Thus, for an educational institution, it is a must to embrace Facebook. Given the importance of Facebook, most likely, your institute has one. However the question is, is it effective?

The main goal of using Facebook in marketing and using it to promote your institute takes more than posting something on your page’s wall. Here are great tips for you to boost your Facebook marketing campaigns:

Post photos and videos

Be Active on Facebook

Facebook like other social media platforms revolves around engagement. The higher the engagement, the more people can see and join your Facebook page. What do you mean by engagement? Commenting, sharing, and likes are forms of Facebook engagements.

How can you encourage your Facebook fans to engage in every status? Post photos and videos. Humans are visual creatures, and it has been proven that users tend to comment, like, and share when using photos and videos rather than pure sentences.

Ask the right questions

Ask the right question

Throwing questions also calls for an active engagement. It let people feel that you are open to their opinion, the higher the engagement, and the higher the relevance of your posts. Thus, more people can see your Facebook page.

Get your alumni’s involvement

Alumni Involvement

You can also ask the involvement of alumna in query resolution on your Facebook page. Your alumni are the best resource for any questions. They are also the best people to help you in marketing your institute.

Think of them as your previous customers and their experiences becomes your institute’s “product review”. There is no other reliable testimony for your institute other than you alumni.

Encourage them by posting throwback photos of your alumni, posting and marketing alumni activities, or you can have an “Alumni of the Month”, featuring one alumna or alumnus.

These will keep your previous students’ buzzing and voluntarily sharing your school’s programs, activities, and news.

Be active on Facebook

Be Active on Facebook

You must also give back to the interaction by answering queries or liking a comment. Most pages tend to just post and post without interacting with the page’s fans. This makes the engagement one-way.

Facebook is an effective medium of marketing and as a marketer, you need to be involved with your audience. Set a Facebook account manager that can spend at least an hour or two managers your page. Train them to get answers for any questions posted on your page.

Be the best source of information

Best source of Information

This is the key importance of Facebook – as a source of information and many students rely on their Facebook page for updates and urgent announcement. Keep doing this and the effect will go beyond serving your students.

When potential students look for schools or research on your institute, they will feel at ease seeing the effectiveness of your page especially when it comes to giving right and updated information and news to your students. It will show to them that your school can serve them best when the times comes.
This is the time to get focused and serous about your Facebook campaign. Few institutes are aware of the significance of Facebook in promoting your organization. With today’s millennial generation, Facebook is your best bet in reaching and endorsing your institute to potential students.



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