Top 5 Things to Do for Marketing of Your Institute Using Twitter
Top 5 Things to Do for Marketing of Your Institute Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest online social networking platforms today, thus, it makes sense that organizations utilize its power for their marketing activities. Your educational institution shouldn’t also underestimate Twitter importance because the site is useful in connecting with your current student population and attracting new ones.

But marketing through Twitter requires careful planning and strategic implementation just like any other marketing campaign for businesses to ensure that time spent on such platform provides great value. Also, an education institute on Twitter must exercise care in not doing something online that could accidentally damage the reputation of the establishment.

Here are top 5 tips for the usage of Twitter for education institute.

1. Optimize your Twitter profile for your target student community

Search engines include Twitter profiles in their results if the accounts are relevant to what people are looking for. Thus, it’s important to utilize the 140-character profile bio in a way that will efficiently reflect the nature of your services. This will help in attracting more prospective students. Make sure to add a link to your official website where people can check for further information. It’s also important to add your official logo as your profile photo.

2. Plan and schedule your Twitter posts

Twitter posts are unlike those in Facebook where your updates can go up in other people’s newsfeeds even if they were posted several weeks or months ago. With many new Twitter updates posted in just an hour, your own messages can drown and get lost. Thus, unlike in Facebook, you can schedule your Twitter posts on timely or important updates several times in a day — perhaps at most 3 times. You don’t have to go online each time though. There are websites and software that allow you to conveniently schedule your posts in advance.

3. Be careful with auto-reply tools.

Speaking of streamlining and automating Twitter activities, you may think that setting your account to instantly respond with a “thank you for the support” post to anyone mentioning your account or company name is a great one. But it isn’t. What if the person is complaining about your institute for bad service? It would sound sarcastic if you reply with a Thank You post.

4. Follow Twitter accounts related to education segment

This will help you expand your chance of finding potential students as well as collate relevant information on the industry you’re in. It is wise to follow organizations and industry leaders that can be beneficial to your organization or that your institute is working with. If they provide valuable updates or links relevant to your services, retweet them for your followers to read.

5. Spend time to personally engage with your target audience

Despite the automation tools available, it’s wise to personally spend some time on Twitter activities to connect with students and the community. You may want to run contests from time to time, share your institute’s sentiments to current events, or simply answer common queries. Twitter is also great for communicating happenings/events of institute with photographs.

When it comes to Twitter marketing, bear in mind that your activities should coincide with your other promotional campaign. For example, when you have a new blog post in your official website, make sure to share the link on Twitter. When running a contest, make sure to integrate activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Most importantly, make sure you add your Twitter account on traditional marketing tools such as business cards, posters and signage. (Online Marketplace for education) (Online Marketplace for education) is an online marketplace for education where as an educational entity you can sell online admission forms, educational contents like assessments, educational notes, educational cds, educational videos in a secure way. 100+ institutes, publishers, coaching institutes, universities are being benefited by using Register on to get started.