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LinkedIn is the third-fastest-growing social network in the world, yet are educators doing everything to engage students and improve their online presence? The referral traffic for LinkedIn in the last year has gone up by 4000% due to its large swell in popularity and an increase in its user base.

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Let us look at some of the ways educational institutions can effectively use LinkedIn to attract students.

  1. Consistent Messaging and Optimizing Profiles

Social media demographics show that LinkedIn has more social referrals than any other networking site and is already ranked No. 1 referral source by Econsultancy.

With monthly traffic of about 2 million, LinkedIn refers students to find the institutions’ web page directly rather than a diverting them to satellite sites.

Maintaining a consistent presence by posting regular activities and societies list in your profile is the key to getting noticed.

  1. Share Faculty Expertise

What students around the world are looking for is an insight into the courses and subjects they are interested in pursuing. Concentrate on the details of the course without wavering too much into the general material.

Share transparent and helpful content that appeal to a larger student audience on LinkedIn. Provide engaging updates, relevant, and accurate information on the subjects of interest.

Engaging as many faculty members as possible helps cover a large and diverse group of students. Maintain a healthy LinkedIn alumni network and involve them regularly in keeping the content latest and lively.

  1. When You ‘Post’ Matters

Avoid late afternoons, evenings in general, and weekends if you wish to reach your target users.

The most traffic on LinkedIn is found to be between mornings and midday, Monday through Friday.

Work on the content whenever and allocate the right time for the world to see using the Buffer available on LinkedIn to schedule posts.

  1. Keep Social Presence to the Maximum

One status change in LinkedIn reaches up to 20% of your followers.

LinkedIn hints that it has found to attract about 60% of new audience with an average of 20 relevant posts a month. That is, you can hit 20 posts when you post one status a day for four weeks leaving out the weekends.

Of course, if you have the resources, you can post as many posts as you like on your content that will yield more followers.

  1. LinkedIn Analytics Feature to Study Engagement Percentage

In the end, engagement percentage is all that matters. The LinkedIn company page analytics feature provides crucial analysis like the number of clicks received, information on the visitors, your communications with them, and new followers after each post.

Use LinkedIn Insights page to understand your followers and to measure how truly the engagement is with your content. Save all your content to analyze the category of the post, your target population, record the day and time when the traffic was most.

By understanding the LinkedIn engagement statistics, you will learn to grow, advance, and improve your updates to gain the attention of students towards your institutions.


Students have a higher social presence online and look derive information on educational institutions from their friends, colleagues, and faculty. Be it a university or online courses; they prefer social sites like LinkedIn that provides direct contact with a person rather than a mundane article in a blog.

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