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Top 5 ways to attract students to your institute

The admission season is around the corner and as an institute, you must be in a quest to set up a magnetic ethic that can help you attract students to your institute. 

How do you think you should be attracting more students to your institute?


You need not to scroll through pages and websites to jot down the perfect solution on this, we have done the job for you.


What you have to do is, just read through this piece of content thoroughly without skipping a single point and be consistent with all the activities that we are discussing.


Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a blast!!!


According to a survey by youth market research firm, 88% of college-bound students value career preparation or future success over traditional personal growth or pursuit of passions. 

They are tough customers for any enrollment department to attract, I mean really tough!!!

To meet enrollment targets, institutions often attempt to introduce new degree programs or to launch broad, institution-wide advertising and marketing campaigns.


All of these things are perfectly fine, but pairing them with a strategic plan is a must-do thing that most of them miss out on. 


There are certain pain points when you are into a service domain. If you address those pain points extensively and thoroughly, no service seems better to the prospect customers than yours. 


So let’s try to strike out those pain points clearly and understand how we can address them effectively to grab a hold of the market. 


Let’s begin!!!

Using Peer-to-Peer Alumni Network
“Alumni – The true advocates of your superiority in the service.”

Let’s get into a story-line to understand this scenario in the best possible manner.

John has just welcomed his adulthood. After a great academics in high-school, John is a dilemma on choosing the right career path and the right institute to start his journey with.

“ Mom, I am damn sure that I want to become a Computer Engineer, but I still can’t decide where to pursue my engineering from…”, John uttered with indecisiveness.

“ You may take advice from your cousin Merry. She can guide you the right way as she has done her grads from a reputed college in town. We can take admission to the same institute, but I think you should first talk to her about the institute”, mom said confidently.

So this scenario sums up to a thing called peer-to-peer sharing done by Alumni.

Alumni act as the true advocates of your service, because they are the ones who have experienced the quality of teaching and amenities that the institute offers.

The alumni know who you are inside and out, and they know what value they are referring to someone through a peer network.

Alumni provide the institutions with an opportunity to make personal connections with prospective students who may identify better with the individual alumni than the institution itself.

Peer to peer sharing is a powerful approach, with students more willing to trust the information they receive from other students, rather than a large, faceless institution.

Use Alumna as brand ambassador for responding to students for their queries on online social forums, conduct small workshop/ sessions with prospective students where alumna can resolve queries. For all such activities, alumna should be rewarded.

Sharing Alumni Success Stories

Sharing Alumni Success Stories
 What you see and what makes you feel good, you are attracted to it at first.

Today, the dimensions of belief have literally changed. One would never spend an extra penny to buy something which isn’t tested and worthy.


So how will you differentiate your metal in this competitive streak?


Just a moment, when you have results to flaunt, why not use them?


In today’s education industry, when you are morally creating a platform that actually imparting great education, you should never hesitate to showcase the success stories that you have crafted with pride.


Yes, I am talking about Alumni Success Stories.

Every past student from your institution is also potentially a brand ambassador, each with his/her own unique story to tell about how your institution changed his/her life for the better – and boosted his/her career.

Employability is a key issue for prospective students, so it always helps to share their success stories on your website, for attracting students.

These stories would add value to the credibility and worth that you are sharing.

Writing Blogs/Articles about the achievement of present students

 The more content you have about yourself, the much contentful you readers feel.

I agree a website is the face of an entity. But, you have to agree that a blog is an encyclopedia of an entity.


This could sound a little extravagant here, it’s true indeed!


Your blog reflects the true sides of the entity, it’s offerings and what the people of the entity feel about it. And, a blog alongside a suitable set of images interests 94% more viewers.


A blog can educate any fellow viewer about the entity in a better way which a website can’t do in a thorough manner.


That is why this is one of the most significant ways to attract students.

Institutions should make effective use of online space, focusing on a variety of new platforms for external management and communication.

Institutions should make greater use of social media and digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and publish articles and blogs about the achievements of the present students.

This definitely helps to create a brand of your institute and in turn, attracts prospective students.

The life events of an entity can be portrayed with some colours of inspiration through a blog. Who knows a visitor next door could feel like picking a colour from you to paint their canvas of life.

Sharing Success Stories of your Faculties

Empowering the core always helps you in the long run.


Education, Wisdom or knowledge whatever you may refer to it as but an educator, teacher, mentor is someone who is someone who holds impeccable admiration and respect.


An educator is the core of any institution and then it should be extensively enlightened.


Why don’t let your core shine and inbound the interests of your aspirants who can benefit from it?


Yes, you got me right!!! The CORE = Educators.


Learning is a non-ending process, and educators are the real magicians in this process. Because, they never give up learning, and so obvious educating.


Achievements are something that is more blissful when shared and appreciated. Unlike the past, students nowadays are keen to know about the faculty at your institution.

Using Social Mediums like Facebook, Instagram and Linked in to share faculty success stories help you establish a one-on-one connection with the prospect students.

When they get to see the astonishing sides of the institute and teachers whom they are gonna learn from, it imparts an enthusiastic connection.

So it is advisable to share the achievements and accolades that your faculty has received so that prospective students give higher ranking to your institute.

A brief report of conferences/seminars held at your institute also adds to strengthening the image of your institute. When faculty gets some award for paper presentations, participates in some international conference then such news should be right way shared with prospective students.

Organising Competitions and Events

“ Competition – an arena for the conquerors.”

Competition is something that is a part of our day-to-day routine. It’s everywhere and does interest us to be the one in the run, ultimately.

Competitions are so much provoking at the young age and one can expect a great involvement of students when there is this thing called ‘Competition’.

Organising competitions can always help to grab the attention of the aspirants.

State and national level competitions increase brand awareness and interaction with students. Getting the sponsorship helps to expand your customer base. But students will participate in your contest for only one reason: they hope to win a prize.

Therefore, your prizes must be a fit for the platform and your target audience. Competitions are one of the most effective techniques to attract students.

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