Scholarship Exam Assessment Technology
Schoolership exams using assessment technology

What is a scholarship? Initially, scholarships are some kind of financial aids provided to students for their educations.

Scholarships are of various types but mainly two types are there as;

A: Full scholarship

B: Partial scholarship.

A Full Scholarship is where entire finance for the education of the student is provided.  

Adversely, a Partial Scholarship is where some per cent of the total educational expense is provided.

Scholarships are an important part of the educational system. There are various types of scholarship exams conducted across the country. Right from school level to post-graduation or PhD level, scholarship exams help to identify students capable to be awarded some grant/concession in fee or reward for the flair they possess.

Online Assessment system can be used to simplify the onerous scholarship exams.

Traditionally, scholarship exams were conducted in the form of pen and paper-based processes. Students were asked to appear for the exam on a certain date and time at a specific location. All students appear for the exam simultaneously. The results were declared after checking the answer sheets.

This entire process was extremely tedious and was at times being handled very irresponsibly. The data of the applied students was not up-to-date and managed miserably.      

Technology helps you conduct such exams on a large scale where more number of students can be accommodated for the test with less administration cost.

There is another benefit of conducting exams online. They are quite pocket-friendly. There is absolutely no cost of printing the question papers and answer papers as well. The entire action is performed virtually.  

Following are some of the key things which will automate the scholarship exam management:


1.Online Registration

Online Registration

The organization/ Institute can accept online applications for the scholarship processes. The students can fill the online form from a desktop or mobile. The system can also accept AADHAR details and it can be verified automatically from the AADHAR database.

The  ePravesh platform has integrated student aadhar number verification process so that some of the key information fields like Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address can be verified from the AADHAR database automatically.

There is also a facility or timeline to correct application form filled by the students. The ePravesh platform has a form editing option which is very helpful to manage any corrections in the form if any.

Registering online helps save a lot of money too!

Money that has been used till now to print the registration forms, to stock them and administer them likewise.

Digitization of registration is yet another way to simplify the pestering registration practice.

This simplification is what is needed in today’s time.  


2.Online Form/ Registration Fee Payment

Online Payment

After the form is filled if there is a form fee to be paid then it can be paid using online payment mechanism . The system can accept payment modes of a debit card, credit card, mobile wallets or internet banking.

An online receipt can be generated instantly after payment confirmation. Students can get alerts on their provided email-id and mobile phone in the form of SMS.

The use of this if you ask is that it is eminently fast and user-friendly. It is pretty easy to get the notification of your payment which is obviously very secure to make.

About online forms, the key benefit of the forms being online is that they are not numbered. Sometimes there are issues wherein the availability of the forms is a problem. The forms are not sufficient enough for all the applicants which is another situation in which no institute wants to be in.


From the institute’s point of view, the forms being available virtually for everyone is very handy.     

3.Hall Ticket Generation:

Download Admit Card

After the exam registration is completed, the system generates a hall ticket for the students. The Hall ticket can be generated based on location preference provided by the students during the online form filling process.

The means of generating an Online Hall Ticket proves to be immensely beneficial for both, the applicant as well as the institutions.

The students get their Hall ticket instantly, without any wait. The candidate can print out a copy of the ticket, additionally have a soft copy of it!

As of institutions, it is very convenient for them, as it saves them a lot of hassle of sending the hall tickets via post or any other means and it saves them a lot of time.


This system of providing hall tickets online is a very convenient measure as it not only saves time but also makes sure the constant availability of the item even if it is lost by chance; may it be by the student or the institute.

4. Online Exam Assessment Technology
Online Examination

Online exam can be conducted for the scholarship. A platform like Eklavvya provides the facility to conduct subjective as well as objective assessments.

In the case of subjective assessment, the student needs to type an answer on the screen and save it.

For the objective type of questions, it is possible to have questions with multiple choice answers to be selected.


The various new types of assessments have also emerged which help you to analyze the personality traits like Leadership, Team Player, Motivation, Career Preferences, etc. using online assessment.

Scholarship exams can be conducted considering all these aspects.

Many organizations have also started using techniques like Thinking Skill Assessment in order to assess students to understand their ability to think out of the box and understand if they have the problem-solving ability.

Assessment Technology is helping education institutions to evaluate students in an effective manner.

The system can also provide you with a ranking of the candidate, based on his/her performance. All the analytics information like Topic Performance, Average Scores, Median Scores, Scoring Patterns, the Ranking of an Individual, the Percentile Scores can be assessed to filter out suitable candidates eligible for the respective scholarships.

Online assessment technology can help you to automate the student selection process for various purposes. Many higher education institutions have started using psychometric assessments to select the right candidates who are eligible for scholarships for higher studies.

ePravesh is one such platform that can provide institutions with software for conducting online exams. Our services include equipping the institutions with the platforms to conduct exams, generating questions papers and results also.


We try our best to digitize the hard copy world!