aadhar Data verification for Education institutes

Importance of AADHAR

aadhar Data verification for Education institutes

Indian Govt has made significant policies to link AADHAR card with various services like gas connection, telephone, banking system. Today there are more than  1 billon aadhar enrolments done and in the coming days majority of the individuals going to have AADHAR number. AADHAR is becoming default platform to authenticate or verify individual. Many organisations have started using AADHAR for the process of KYC (Know Your Customer). Using  AADHAR it is possible to verify user credentials like photo, date of birth, name and address details.

Govt has also made mandatory for education institutes to use AADHAR.

Education Institutes Admission Process

Education institutes need to collect basic information of each prspective students including Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address etc. Each student need to fill it manually for traditional process and in case of online process it need to be entered in the system. This data is critical and important for admission process apart from other academic credentials.


How to Automate Data Authenticity using AADHAR


Online Admission Process using AADHAR Verification


AADHAR Number Verification

Data collection process can be automated using AADHAR eKYC process. In this case candidate is asked to enter his/her AADHA number. System asks for one time password (OTP) sent on the candidate AADHAR registered mobile number.

After successful authentication of the OTP, AADHAR system provides information of the user Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth , Photo etc. All data is fetched from AADHAR system. It is valid and 100% accurate data.

AADHAR eKYC using fingerprints


It is possible to verify student data using finger prints. In this case student need to put his/her fingers on biometric device as shown below.

AADHAR eKYC verification

Biometric device tries to match it with AADHAR database and if successfully validates it provides information of the user like name, address, photo, gender, date of birth.


AADHAR verification using fingerprint

Advantages of AADHAR for Education Institutes


  • Data validation process is automated. Institute need not have to verify candidate basic information like Name, Gender, Address, Date of Birth, Photo as it is validated through AADHAR system
  • Form Filling Process gets Simplified. Student just need to enter AADHAR number to auto fetch basic information. Admission form can be filled in quick time.
  • KYC process is automated and as per norms of the Govt. Recently Govt has issued notification of mandatory AADHAR for educational services so it is important step to automate it.
  • Attendance for the Exam Process can be automated using AADHAR: When candidate visits exam center, invigilator can ask candidate to verify using AADHAR verification process with finger impressions device. All the issues related to impersonation, dummy candidate gets eliminated with AADHAR enabled attendance.



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