Online School Admission Process


About School Admission Process

School Admission Process is one of the key event for the school, parents and child. Most of the cases , school publishes advertisement for inviting application forms. Hard copy applications are accepted for certain no of days and then based on location preference and other criteria admissions are allotted to the children. In majority of the cases parents need to fill multiple application forms in different schools to ensure admission in at least one school.

Technology can help schools to go digital for admission process. Online admission form can be filled by parents from any location along with form fee can also be paid online.

AADHAR Integration

Schools have started collecting AADHAR number of child and parents. Verification of AADHAR can be easily automated with the help of ePravesh platform. ePravesh has integrated application form filling with AADHAR so that when parents enter their AADHAR number, system verifies it using one time password sent on the authorized AADHAR user. After successful verification application form is auto filled with details like name, surname, date of birth, gender, address etc. Application form filling process can also get simplified and parents can fill  the form in quick time with AADHAR integrated application process.


Online Fee Collection

Parents can make form fee payment online and download receipt instantly. School admin can get details of applications  received and entire status of admission process can be tracked using dashboard.

After confirmation of Admission system can send automated email/sms to the parents to pay the tuition fee for the respective semester/ year. System also has facility to define various fee structures and send subsequent alerts to the users about fee payment.

School Admission Process


Advantages of Digital Approach for School Admission Process

  1. Parents find it easy to fill the form instead of standing in long queue
  2. Online application with AADHAR integration provides accurate information of applicant so verification of application becomes easier
  3. Parents can make form fee/ tuition fee payment online, it can save lot of administrative hassle for parents as well as school
  4. Parents can also get facility to convert their fee payment into equated monthly installments (EMI) so they get  ability to make fee payment in single installment
  5. Schools can reduce administrative cost as various activities like form verification, issuing payment receipt, fee collection, finance reports is automated and administrative intervention is minimal.

The digital approach in school admission process has made it easy for the parents and school administration to continue with the educational activities. It has help to reduce the overall costs invested in school education without affecting its quality.


ePravesh Online School Admission is an award winning online admission and fee collection platform used by many schools successfully. You can start accepting online applications and online fee payment instantly after subscription.


Here is the feedback from one of the school about Online admission  Process

Jasmin Dalal 
-Principal (Dr. Mrs. Erin Nagarvala School)

“We will be using ePravesh® for our LKG admissions for the third time this year because it has most certainly proved to be beneficial. Naturally it saves the administration time and man power when compared to the old way of issuing forms. Most importantly it saves parents a very long and uncomfortable overnight wait outside the school gate to ensure they get a form. As every stage in the admission process can be communicated by email or sms messages it once again saves many hours of answering telephone and walk in inquiries. The Notice Board is a very convenient way of keeping parents updated at all times. As all the students data is compiled in an excel sheet it is convenient to arrange and sort as required. “