Online Admission Process_Definitive Guide
Online Admission Process_Definitive Guide

Introduction to Online Admission Process

Online admission system is a platform developed to automate and computerize the process of giving and acquiring admissions. The portal for online admissions is developed using the most modern technology and it can carry out the process alone by handling the work of every individual involved in the admission process at every level. There are many aspects related to the admission process including lead management, counselling for the prospective students, sharing course information and brochures to the students, accepting admission forms, merit list generation, accepting the first instalment of the fee for admission confirmation.

The online admission portal is like a web based application which performs all activities done before and after admissions are given or taken in a timely manner. It can be opened from anywhere using any device on which internet can be accessed.

It also helps to maintain transparency and make quicker and better decisions. ePravesh is such a portal which has made online admission process extremely flawless, reliable and safe. 

Importance of Online Admission Process

Why Online Admission Process

Educational institutes are forced to change their traditional methods of giving admissions, teaching and conducting exams. As a result, they are switching over to obtaining innovative modes of online admissions and conducting exams.

Thus, we see that, adopting online modes of admission process has become the necessity in the current times. The solutions developed by ePravesh, an award winning platform for Digital Admissions and Fee Payment have a lot to offer to simplify the online admission process. Let us now check the advantages of ePravesh.

Advantages of Online Admission Process

The advantages for online admissions by ePravesh are as below:

  1. Leveraging the Brand
    ePravesh’s portal for online admission process itself has a good brand name. The name of institutes gets great visibility through ePravesh. Hence, as and when, ePravesh is marketed through social media or blogging it helps gain views, likes and followers for that institute as well. This helps in popularizing and leveraging the brand. This helps in marketing of the institute; raising numbers and making the institute stand out in front of its competitors.
  2. Fast Data Management
    The efficiency in the computerized data management can manage the customer traffic smoothly as also reduces time-lags and delays. The whole process is simplified, made hassle free and manageable with the help of ePravesh portal.
  1. Error-free

The complete procedure is flawless and do not have even a single imperfection. It gives the customer a seamless experience and runs it smoothly.

  1. Easy Communication

It is a great way to save costs and minimize efforts as the portal passes the key messages to the right set of target audience. 

  1. Efficient Management

This online admission platform is capable of functioning flawlessly even while handling huge amount of traffic. It manages data in paperless format by allowing large files to be saved on the online portal.

  1. Query Management

Query management is one of the important features of ePravesh’s online admission process. This portal has made it extremely simple to resolve grievances and queries by responding to everyone with care and understanding. The student or parent can raise a query through their ePravesh account login. This query will be responded back immediately with appropriate answer or solution. Sometimes, this reply can be in form of text message or emails as well.

  1. Data analysis

It is quite easy to observe and analyze data, read the data and draw inferences. From establishing distinct heads to bifurcating under various sub-heads, ePravesh portal has made it easy to extract information, categorize it and generate accurate reports anytime and also to draw inferences from them. It is a great way to understand applicant preferences and develop business.

There are some additional advantages which are as below:

  • Omnipresent: Fill admission forms on any devices such as tablets, mobiles or computers.
  • Custom Applications Form: Define application forms as per your needs
  • Document Management: Upload and view admission documents like mark sheets, identity proofs, and certificates in digital format.
  • Systematic analysis: Get analytics such total applicants, ratio male/female applicants, etc.
  • Entrance Exam Management: Manage entrance exam registration, hall ticket management, entrance exam, etc.
  • Paperless Admissions: Manage entire admission process in paperless manner.
  • Financial reports: Get detailed financial reports of student fee payment, admission form fees.
  • Pay as you go: Subscribe to ePravesh and start using it, pay as per usage, no license cost.
  • Language Support: Define admission form in regional language.
  • Tried and Tested: Successfully used by many Universities and Institutes.

Thus,  ePravesh’s online admission portal has numerous advantages in terms of quality and service. Now let us see some advantages in terms of cost. 

Cost Saving Factors with Online Admission Process

Cost Saving Factor of Online Admission Process

The online admission process that epravesh portal operates with has been enriched with every feature that gives the customers the best experience of taking admissions online. And that too, at very reasonable cost! The feature of cost effectiveness is achieved in many ways as below:

  • All the documents are directly uploaded on the portal. This helps to reduce the efforts and time consumed in getting printouts or Xerox copies of the documents and physically submitting them. With the help of this portal, the documents can be scanned and uploaded directly where they get stored on the cloud. The documents uploaded cloud can be retrieved anytime from anywhere. This has helped to reduce the cost of collecting and storing the documents to a great extent.
  • Collection of fees and keeping a track of the fees pending from students can be a tricky task. The ePravesh portal helps to manage this in a very efficient way. ePravesh has features which can automate the process of Challan generation and individual student fee using online payment, dd payment and Challan options.
  • Unlike other software tools for online admissions, ePravesh does not require any upfront investment. The customers simply subscribe to the platform and start using it. They can pay as per the number of users applying for the admission process. It also saves the cost for portal licenses.

Hence, we can see that ePravesh’s online admission process helps to reduce the expenditure occurring because of logistics such as form distribution, entrance tests conduction and result declaration. Let us now understand the process of online admissions and its entities.

Entities of Online Admission Process

The centralized admission process helps to provide admissions to various courses offered by many different universities to all the students at one platform. This saves a lot of efforts and expenditures which the colleges and universities need to carry out. Also, there is a tremendous reduction in the paperwork.

The online process for centralised admission can be divided into 5 entities:

  1. Student/Panel
  2. Admin
  3. Colleges
  4. University
  5. Admission Support Team

Let us understand each of these entities in depth.

1. Student/Parent

The students must be given the freedom to provide their preferences while opting for colleges. 

They should be able to fill up the forms for all the colleges they wish to apply for through the centralised admission portal. 

The admission forms should include options to mention categories, reservations, etc. Students should be able to upload photographs, signatures, mark sheets, category certificates through the portal. 

The ePravesh’s online admission process has some features that facilitate management of all aspects of reservation, quota or even special cases. With the help of ePravesh portal, students can download admit letters from their respective login after admission is confirmed. 

ePravesh also provides a section for reporting grievances related to admission forms, merit lists or their login/account issues.

ePravesh portal had defined a single login for each student which can be used for multiple purposes such as form filling, fee payment, downloading admit letter, uploading admission documents, grievance reporting, etc.

2. Admin

The Admin department is responsible for taking care of multiple technical functions related to online admissions process. They are actual technology providers in the entire online admission process. These functions help in the smooth functioning of the integrated admissions. The functions of Admin are as listed below:

  1. Quota Table Management
    Quota tables are managed according to the government rules and regulations. Quota tables contain details of total available seats for individual college along with stream, student gender and other reservation details. Admissions are provided according to this quota table.
  2. Student Data Management
    All the student information is available on a single click which also can be sorted, verified or exported to CSV or XML format. This data is used to generate admit letters and analysis purposes.
  3. Merit List Generation
    Merit lists are generated for valid applicants based on criteria defined according to the Govt Rules and Regulations and Weightages.
  4. Change Requests
    Students can send their change requests through their login & admin can accept / reject the changes by opening the submitted form for correction & re-submission.
  5.  Student Grievance Management
    The students can raise their queries or request for corrections in their names or categories through their login which are managed by Admin panel. The admin has to respond and resolve to the complaints and queries of the candidates. If the resolutions to students’ grievances are provided immediately, it can accelerate the overall process of online admissions and complete it within the stipulated time.
  6.  Report Download
    The college reports contain information such as statistics of number of admissions made, the courses, the rest available seats, the fee structures, etc. This report is shared with the Admin as it is essential for keeping a track and smooth working of the online admission process.
  7.  Information Access
    Admins have the access to all the information through their login. Hence, they can provide access to the information to others who request for it.
  8. Report compliance
    The Admin is responsible for generating reports of the entire procedure. This is done to verify the data provided and available. This can help for improving the system as well. Another objective is that colleges and universities can work on their part to make enhancements if they wish to.
  9.  Category-wise Admissions
    The students are categorized as per stream, courses, eligibility and caste or reservation quotas. There are seats allotted for each of these categories by every college or university.
  10.  Gender ratio
    The admin has to scrutinise the male female ratio of admission allotment. This is necessary is case of some institutes which provide reservations to women under female quota.
  11.  Institute Analysis
    The term is similar as the report generation. This is essentially needed when it comes to granting admissions. These reports contain information about course availability, number of seats, fee structures and fee collections per course etc.
  12.  Telephone and email support
    The customers may ask queries while taking admission. These queries need to be responded back immediately so that online admission process becomes smooth and hassle free. The admins are monitor and reply to such queries through calls, text messages and emails.

3. Colleges

The students get allocated to the colleges when they release their list through centralised admission process. The selected students should report to their allocated college to confirm or cancel their admission. 

The admins have the access to login in the system and procure information about the list of students who have been admitted to the college, cancelled or rejected their admission. 

A college can admit the student if he/she fulfils the criteria set for the admission for a particular course and have all the required documents in place. The admin staff of a college can also export admission data from the system to sync it with their internal systems.

4. University

The representatives or admins of the colleges need keep a track on the day to day statistics of admission process. 

They can login to the system to see total number of allotted students in their respective university. ePravesh offers a platform for online admission process which not only puts an end to the traditional paper based or tablet based approach of taking and providing admissions but also cuts down on the total expenses. 

Data is managed centrally & processed seamlessly to make the whole admission process itself hassle free as also cost and time saving. 

Each entity is able to access data at any given point of time which reduces confusion or anxiety. Instead of each student generating the admit letters individually, the parents/ students receive emails containing information about the allotted colleges so that they can visit that college during the time mentioned in the email.

5. Admission Support Team

Admission support team helps to resolve queries raised by the parents and students over live chat, phone and email. Now days, chat bots are used to simplify query resolution as it can provide instant response to particular query.

Thus, now we are well acquainted with each of the 5 entities, their importance and their roles in admission process. Now let us understand more about the entrance examination conducted before admissions.

Entrance Examination for Admission

Students apply for admissions for the course/ stream of their choice as soon as their 12th or HSC results are declared. Many universities or colleges organize an entrance exam for the students applying for a particular course. The students who follow all the criteria set by the university or college for admission are eligible for appearing for these entrance exams. Hence, these exams act like a second level of process for acquiring admission.

ePravesh’s online admission portal can automate the process of conducting entrance exams. The ePravesh portal simplifies this entire process of short listing the students for exam, conducting the exam and generating results by following the university/college criteria. Here are five steps in which this process is automated:

  1. Accept online registrations
    ePravesh portal for online admission process is capable of providing not only online admissions but also student enrolment using compatible web or mobile app. The students can upload documents, photos and signatures as well. They can make all the payments online using this portal.
  2. Facility to download hall ticket
    The ePravesh portal can assign exam centre to registered candidates. It has a facility to download the hall ticket from the candidate login as also it communicates the information about exam via email or text messages.
  3. Online Entrance Exam
    The ePravesh portal can define online exam centres, provide remote proctoring or image based proctoring facility and manages the exams online.
  4. Result Processing
    This portal can analyze the ranking of the candidates who appeared for the exam based on the topics/subjects. It also analyzes result with average marks, minimum scores and batch wise performance.
  5. Shortlist Candidates

ePravesh can define sectional cut-off and shortlist candidates. It can analyze the individual as well as group results together and also take up the decision of admitting a student.

Thus, we can see that conduction of entrance exams has become manageable and hassle free with the help of ePravesh portal. Now let us move on to some of the others features of this portal.

Online Merit List Generation

ePravesh helps to sort the applications given by the candidates according to the rules and regulations led down by the colleges or universities. The portal can generate the merit list instantly for eligible applicants.

Merit lists are generated using different filters such as academic performance, entrance exam performance, category, other reservations including Physically Handicapped, Defence etc.

At the same time, this portal informs the students who have made it to the merit list and received admissions through emails and text messages.

Online Fee Collection

Online Fee Collection with Online Admission Process

Every college/ institute has a defined fee structure which includes different types of fees collected by the institutes for different purposes.

The online admission portal by ePravesh has digitalized collection of all these fees. It has helped to save the administration costs by reducing the tedious manual work. The students/parents don’t need to stand in long queues to pay the fees anymore.

This has also helped to reduce physical handling of money and supported the institutes to go cashless. By maintaining dashboards, the status of the fee collection can be checked anytime.

  1. Admission form fee:
    The admission form fee for any college or university can be done from ePravesh’s online admission portal through internet banking. The students need to upload documents such as mark sheets, certificates, leaving certificate, category certificate, identity proofs, etc on the portal. The admission team can view those documents or can download it from the portal. Digital form filling and online form fee collection can be done by students, parents by logging into the ePravesh portal from mobile phones or website. It helps to scale admission process.
  2. Tuition fee:
    Tuition fees must be paid within the timeline given by the college/university after receiving the admission
  3. Hostel fee:
    Filling of hostel form as well as annual or 6 monthly hostel fees can be done online.
  4. Exam form fee:
    There are various types of exams conducted semester wise, year wise, special tutorials etc. Institute/ University needs to collect fees from the students in addition to filling exam forms.
  5. Laboratory fee:
    Students belonging to science or technology streams are expected to pay for laboratory related fees.
  6. Library fee:
    In most of the cases there is library fee/ deposit which are to be collected from each student by library section for the use of library and books.
  7. Category wise fee:
    In case of Govt aided/ affiliated universities/ institutes fee structure for category based students are different compared to general students.

The ePravesh’s online admission process and fee collection portal can also send reminders to pay the fees. Following are some advantages of digital fee collection:

  • Admin activities can be automated
  • Facility to collect various types of fees hostel fee , exam fee
  • Reporting and analytics can be generated.
  • Administration can be simplified
  • Parents can make payment using credit card as well and it can be converted to monthly EMI based on credit card offers to simplify their payment of education fees.
  • Alerts to be sent using email or text message for pending fee payment
  • Students or parents can login to the system and make fee payment.
  • Many banks and credit card issuing entities are providing loan or EMI facilities so that parents can convert their fee payment into monthly instalments.
  • Reduction is cash handling can save significant cost of administration. Many education institutes are befitted with this approach.
  • Various rules related to late fee delay calculations can be automated so that students can directly make payment inclusive of late fees while making online fee payment
  • Fee receipt can be downloaded digitally from the system. Overall Audit Process of institute/ university for fee collection is also simplified.

Thus we can see, the online admission process carried out using ePravesh’s portal has innumerable advantages and zero disadvantages.



School or college, acquiring admission is the most crucial part of education. It is the entry point which marks the beginning of new journey of knowledge acquisition.  Receiving admission in the school or college of choice is one of the happiest moments in a student’s life. Hence, easier this process becomes, the happier the student will be.

Education is a continuous process and should never be stopped in between because of any obstacles. Due to the unrest caused by Covid-19 outbreak and strict measures being taken to avoid its spread, educational fields are undergoing major upgrade in terms of technology. For most of them this is a risk worth taking and a challenge worth accepting. This change is helping our country to advance digitally.

We at Splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  have developed ePravesh, a portal for online admission process and fee collection which is technically advanced as well as cost effective. This portal has made the entire process of online admissions completely flawless and secure.

ePravesh has not only helped the schools and universities to become more carefree but also increased their marketing and leverage. Many reputed schools and universities worldwide have opted for ePravesh’s portal and have become completely trouble-free. The tedious manual tasks are getting completed quickly with the help of this portal.

ePravesh is also contributing to environment by going paperless at every step of admission process. This has helped to reduce the expenditure, physical handling of different documents as also their storage.

Therefore, ePravesh is proudly responsible for helping the education system to adopt advanced technology which in turn has helped the students to continue their journey on the path of knowledge without any disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Admission Process

What is the best software for online admissions?

ePravesh, a portal for online admissions and fee collection,  designed by Splashgain Technology, is one of the best software for online admission process.

It is developed carefully after contemplating every manual and mechanical activity involved in online admissions as also its importance and the ways to make it faster and simple.

It posses many features for a hassle free experience which ensures customer satisfaction. Some of these features which are as below:

  • Leveraging the Brand
  • Fast Student Data Management
  • Error-free
  • Efficient Management of documents
  • Query Management
  • Report downloading and data analysis of institute
  • Omnipresent
  • Customization for application forms
  • Pay as you go
  • Language support
  • Online fee collection
  • Email/text message communication
  • Student grievance management

The features mentioned above and some additional features together has helped ePravesh gain popularity among reputed institutes in the country. 

Why do institutes/colleges/schools/universities need an Online Admission System?

An online admission system is a web-based application which can carry out end to end activities related to admissions. As this application is developed using highly advanced technology, it possesses many beneficial features. These features are as below:

  • It can be launched anywhere using any internet-accessible devices 
  • It has a very efficient system for managing data of each student
  • It can handle every activity related to admission from the student end such as acquiring information about college and course, applying for admission, uploading all the required documents, paying the fees, raising requests or queries, and providing feedback.
  • It can also handle every activity from the college or university side such as sharing college/ university-related information, accepting or rejecting student applications, releasing merit list, handling and storing the documents, collecting fees, sending notifications and reminders through emails or text messages, resolving queries, addressing the grievances or feedbacks and generating and analyzing different reports.
  • Some applications also have features of conducting online entrance exams to accelerate the admission process.

Thus, the applications in which all the above features can simplify the process of admissions by eliminating long queues, using the cloud for storage purposes, reducing tedious manual work  and being user and environment-friendly.

Online admission system will provide accuracy, security, and enhance productivity. As also, huge cost savings!   

Thus, opting for an online admission process system will be very advantageous for any school/college/institute/university as it will ensure that the admission process becomes flawless, fast, safe, and profitable.