So, you have just finished your undergraduate studies and are looking at post-graduate options. If one of your subjects was chemistry in your undergraduate studies, then you should definitely go ahead and do your masters in that.

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If you’re worried about what career options you’d be looking into after your post-graduation in chemistry, we’ve got a list for you! Of course, you should have had chemistry as a major subject in your undergraduate course to opt for a masters course in the subject.MSC Chemistry Career Options

Analytical Chemist Analytical-Chemist

Here, you’ll be studying and investigating the nature of various substances found in nature. You’ll have to take a substance and study about its behavior in various conditions. It includes developing methods to analyze chemicals, interpreting data and reporting the scientific results. You also get the opportunity to work with diverse teams and communicate with scientists as well.

Agricultural Chemist Agricultural-Chemist

Here, you can assist the farmers by giving them tips on how to grow crops efficiently. You can suggest different types of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or ways to improve the soil composition. You will be developing these products which enhance the food quality. After this, you have to test the products these products to see if they are effective.

Healthcare Scientist Healthcare-Scientist

A healthcare scientist includes around 50 different specialities under life sciences, clinical engineering and medical physics and physiological sciences. With a PG degree in chemistry, you’ll be eligible for career opportunities in life sciences. Job opportunities in life sciences include lab-based work most of the time. You examine body fluids like blood or urine samples collected from the patients. You’ll be working in a team with other healthcare professionals like biomedical scientists and pathologists. Your work is also likely to include managing a biochemical laboratory.

Environmental Chemist Environmental-Chemist

There are many chemicals in the environment, causing pollution and posing a threat to animals and human beings. These chemicals are present in the soil, water bodies – surface and underground. As an environmental chemist, you have to analyze these contaminants, their movement and effect on the environment. You’ll have to take measures to control them and manage their disposal. This includes both field work and lab work.

Forensic Scientist Forensic-Scientist

Most part of the work here is laboratory-based. You’ll be collecting evidence at a given crime scene, examining them, interpreting the results and submitting them to the court. Forensics include analyzing blood, hair, a piece of clothing, flammable substances, etc. With a degree in chemistry, you’ll likely be analyzing evidence at scenes of burglary or any crime committed with respect to the property. Your job will also include developing new forensic procedures.

Pharmacologist Pharmacologist

If you are keen on developing new drugs and improving the existing ones, this might just be the right job for you. You’ll be studying the working of different drugs and analyzing how they can be utilized in a safe and effective manner. You’ll also be looking into the interaction of these drugs with biological systems. You’ll be working with many other scientists and sharing your results.

Chemistry is a beautiful subject, talking about everything that makes up the things around us.

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MSc Chemistry  Rs 300 Apply Online