Admission process is important aspect for any educational institutes. This is the process where prospective students directly or indirectly interact with the institutes. It has become essential to execute this process in professional manner. Manual process has its own limitations, such process can not be scaled according to number of students and it is people centric process. Online admission process can help to take this process to automation level where human dependency can be reduced.

Scalable Online Admission Process
Scalable Online Admission Process

For most of the universities and education institutes there is rush during admission dates. More number of students try to access online admission process. If your online admission system is deployed on standard dedicated servers with limited capacity then it may not be able to provide seamless user experience to all the users  when traffic to access your online admission system is high.


Cloud computing technology which includes services including Software as a service and platform / infrastructure as a service can help to optimize your online admission system. Cloud computing technology is scalable enough to handle sudden spike in the traffic during admission process critical activities. It can manage entire system in minimal cost per usage model.

With govt of India’s Digital India campaign and plans to make most of the governance related processes digital , education sector can be benefited if they opt for digital platforms to manage online admission process.

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