Education Accreditation
Education Accreditation

Malcolm X, an African –American leader and human right activist had once said that “And just because you have colleges and universities, it doesn’t mean you have education.” Very apt his words are when number of educational institutes across the world is growing day by day and still there are many miles to go to achieve the highest education standards.

Education Accrediration

Accreditation Need

Though education is regarded as a business today, it is not just a business. Basically education is a service that nurtures and builds human resource. For time immemorial man has consistently strived to learn and explore for betterment of life. It is his/her natural extinct to progress further and progress is not possible without both formal and informal education. Therefore it is a moral duty of entire education system to provide such an education that abates the students to scale new heights, to expand their horizons and take themselves, their families, and whole nation on the path of progress. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary to appraise and evaluate the educational institutes at a regular interval. Education accreditation serves this purpose.

Accreditation Process

Education accreditation is an official quality assurance process that evaluates services, operations and programs of educational institutes. This evaluation is done by an external agency to check if necessary standards set by the accrediting agency are met. The education accreditation serves the interests of institutes and public as well by establishing educational standards, procedures and policies that are in line with the national education standards. Thus education accreditation helps to enhance the quality of education. It raises the standards of teaching and supports good practice. It demonstrates commitment to the quality of teaching. It inspires academic staff to excel in their profession and get due recognition and rewards. It also helps the institutions to understand their strengths and weaknesses and plan and update the services accordingly.

NAAC Accreditation

Education accreditation is especially important for higher education because higher education is a backbone of any country. The quality of higher education decides the quality of human resource in a country.In 1994 India established the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to ensure and enhance the quality of Indian higher education. NAAC has established several accrediting criteria to rate the educational institutes. These include infrastructure as well as learning resources. Since we are living in a technology –driven era, the institutions aspiring to get higher education accreditation rating must adopt new technology in educational services and in their operations.

Technology to Improve Institute Accreditation

Online examination system, online admission system, digital libraries, classrooms equipped with visual aids, E-learning programs are some of the activities that use technology for benefit of students and for efficient functioning of the educational institutes. Such activities are user friendly and they save time that can be used for some more creative work. Institutes having these features are likely to get higher accreditation rating. Apart from NAAC there are few more agencies in India doing accreditation of education institutes in India. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to be superseded by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for technical and management colleges, Quality Council of India (QCI), Distance Education Council (DEC), National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) are some of them. Moreover there are also private accreditation agencies that work in the same line. Adopting the best technological options for getting higher accreditation rank is vital for educational institutes today. That adds to their brand value.

Advantage of Technology for Education Institute Accreditation provides paperless admission and online fee collection process which can help institute to get higher accreditation  rating. Indian Education System requires major reforms in Examination provides technology enabled objective and subjective online examination process which can be integrated in any education entity. Many institutes, universities are using services of and to digitize and automate their admission, examination process. Such digitization is helping institutes to get better accreditation rating.