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If available records of the world of higher education are to be believed, online degree programs are becoming more and more predominant. With the demand of such programs increasing day after day in this digital world, it has become necessary to pay heed to accreditation process and the benefits of accreditation program. It has a direct impact on your education; while it can even impact your professional future as well.
Institute Accreditation Rating
Institute Accreditation Rating
Accreditation process for higher education to different colleges and educational institutions is one of the important processes where each step has its importance and value. Some of the essential steps include:
  • Preparations and self-examination – Universities and colleges have to prepare material to display accomplishments. Written reports have to be created to display and submit.
  • Review of reports and general working of the university of college
  • Visit and examination to prepare college for accreditation visit team
  • Making a creative and positive educational environment much dependents on the latest technologies and digital world
Accreditation status is granted after reviews various points and stages. Not forget to mention periodic quality reviews that are done to review that accreditation programs are effectively able to handle the requirement of their jobs.

Importance and Benefits of Accreditation Granting Process

It is one of the common tools to evaluate, monitor and asses standards and quality of education. A good grade through this process to any college or university ensures quality education and let students and their parents trust on your college name. Accreditation process ensures that the college/university is meeting the standards of quality in terms of faculty, curriculum, administration, libraries, financial well-being and student services.  Such process also helps you in receiving financial aid to establish quality assurance. It also helps students to get good job opportunities either through campus placement or facing interview in an esteemed organization. Employers often go through the educational record of the candidate and when they found education from a reputed and government Accreditation College, they give positive response.

How Technologies Help in Improving Accreditation Credit and Record of College and University?

Online education is gaining momentum day after day and it has become a common phenomenon in college to replace blackboards with digital boards where education is provided through projector and software. If college is using latest technologies to offer the best education, it will help in improving ranking in accreditation process that is done by different government bodies. Use of technologies is one of the main points that play a pivotal role in improving overall ranging in grant of Accreditation. Creating alumni groups, community, sharing different searches in twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, etc also let students know about college reputation and education system. Education through digital gadgets is spreading its wings now and you will see tablets, laptop distribution frequently in colleges and schools. Such gadgets ensures a better educational environment.

Various Accreditations to Ensure Better Reputation of Any School

CRISIL, NAAC, AICTE, UGC etc are different accreditations granted to ensure reputation of any business school or college. Most of the recruiters, job agencies and placement consultants usually seek different accreditations and approvals of Business Schools and educational institutions for the duration of candidate selection. Different certification and grading authorities of India help students to select the right course and institution.
  • CRISIL – India’s leading research company and rating/grading provider. It is considered as benchmark to analyze schools and educational institutes in terms of student selection process, curriculum, industry interface and faculty.
  • NAAC or National Assessment and Accreditation Council is also a top name for accreditation ranking –established by UGC for assessment and ratings for higher education institute across India. It assesses on different points like curricular aspect, teaching, evaluation and learning, research, consultancy and extension, infrastructure and learning resources and innovative practices.
  • AICTE or All India Council of Technical Education is also one important name regulating and maintaining norms of technical and higher education across India.
Accreditations from different Government bodies and department in education domain, always play a pivotal role in making any institute or college the first choice for admission and to stand in the queue of top colleges, Universities and education institutions for higher education in India. Different news is disclosed by government and NAAC about accreditation rating and other issues about it. Review every year done for this program bring smile to management of some colleges; while keep some in race of improving their education system and standard.
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