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Accreditation for institutes is very important because it allows the learning institution to asses itself with regards to the quality of education they give out to their students. Parents and students check accreditation of the institute before taking admission.

Accreditation for Education Institute
Accreditation for Education Institute

Accreditation Introduction for Education Institute

Agencies that give out accreditation base their opinion a lot on the school type and what these schools specialize in. Accreditation agencies have a different criteria in accrediting a vocational school for technical courses as compared to a school that specializes in medical education. The difference lies in the fact that both schools offer very different curriculum and different courses and degrees. However, there are some basic criteria that all schools must satisfy, from which the direction of the accreditation will be based. One of the basic criteria that all of the schools being looked into must satisfy is their intention to provide the best education and service to each of their students. Then there is the part where schools must show proof that they are capable of achieving these.

Most of the schools would have to subject themselves to intermittent and surprise auditing from an outside source and compare the results to their own audit results which they can use to verify that the standards of the accrediting agency imposed on them are strictly followed.

Accreditation for Indian Education Institute

To assure that all Indian institutes get the proper accreditation, the Government has installed a number of legal organizations that will facilitate better educational standards and consistent school excellence in its path to provide the best education to every student.

Institute Accreditation and Rating System CRISIL
Institute Accreditation and Rating System CRISIL

CRISIL has come up with grading system for Indian Business schools. Industry interface, student admission process, Curriculum , faculty profile , infrastructure are some of the parameters evaluated by the rating agency to come up with rating points for the institute. Such rating helps students to know institute before taking admission or considering to apply for the institute courses.

Advantages of accreditation

The best advantage is that it gives the graduates that added advantage. A student who graduates from an accredited institution indicates that the student was provided with the best educational standards thus helping him prepare for the real world.

Second is that the educational institution can define their standards with their consistent performance within the accreditation guidelines based on the agency’s results with regards to the content of their program.

Third is that institutions will know how they can improve and what they should improve on with regards to their educational system.

An accreditation from the government will always speak well for the student, the institute, their parents and potential future employers because there is an assurance that the schools’ educational curriculum is up to standards.

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