MHT-CET Exam 2017

MHT-CET  2018 Entrance exam is round the corner and students are busy in preparing for MHT CET entrance exam.

Here are some of the tips to crack this entrance exam



Preparation is backbone for success in the entrance exam. You need to prepare thoroughly in all subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. You should identify your weak area based on results of the college exams and focus on the areas where your answers were wrong. Prepare your own short notes of formulas, equations, definitions and keep it along with you all the time.You can revise it while standing at Bus stop, waiting in queue, during travel to your college etc. You can even use your mobile to save all such short notes for revision.

Appear for Mock Tests

Practice is essential to get used to exam pattern. Try to appear for as many practice tests as possible. By the time of actual exam, you should have appeared for 10 to 15 mock tests conducted by your institute/ your own practice/ online practice tests etc.

Deeper is conducting MOCK exams. You can certainly register for it.

DEEPER KASAUTI is a rehearsal before fifteen days of Government MHT-CET examination. DEEPER KASAUTI is scheduled exactly on the grounds of Government MHT-CET. In this also DEEPER conducting two exams MHT-CET and Engineering-CET.

Your score and performance in those tests can provide you useful insights of  your final exam score and any last minute preparation analysis.


Analysis of your strong and weak Areas

Exam Pattern

If you have solved many mock papers then you would get to know following important aspects of your habit

  • Time needed to Solve each Section
  • Weak Section
  • Total percentage of incorrect Answers for each Section
  • Strong Section
  • Least Time Needed to Solve Section
  • Total Questions Not Attempted

Based on above mentioned data you would be in a position to define your strategy of main exam. Based on your strong and weak areas you can define sequence of solving final exam.e.g. if your strong area is chemistry then you should start solving chemistry section first. It can help to increase your confidence during actual exam. Keeping weak area in the end can give you more time to solve it and your anxiety level might settle down.

Study Past Paper

Try to get hold of past 2-3 years question paper. Understand difficulty level of questions asked and overall pattern of the test.You can try to solve such papers by creating exam like environment at home with timer. Try to change sequence of solving each section for different papers to identify optimal sequence for you.

Discussion with Past Students:

It is important to understand and know experience of past students who have successfully take admission to engineering/ medical using MHT CET entrance in 2016. Checkout successful students from your school/ area/ city. Try to get their phone no or email id. Discuss your concerns and understand what kind of last minute preparation is being done by those students to succeed.

Getting to know actual experience and tips from your seniors, passout students is very valuable.It can provide you insights about preparation and even how to solve question paper during the exam