Authentication of Candidate During Online Exam Process

Online Examination Process has becoming essential thing for simplification of current assessment process. It can be for any educational institute conducting entrance exams of the course, University conducting semester exams, corporates conducting assessment for hiring process. Online Exam process is replacing Traditional exams as rapid pace. There are many advantages of conducting online exams including reduction in cost, error free result processing, scalability, flexibility in terms of paper setting/ exam patter management.


Security Aspect of Online Exam Identity

Online Examination Process is cost effective. But it is also vulnerable for security aspect mainly for the wrong candidate appearing for the exam. In the traditional exam process candidate need to show hall ticket to the exam invigilator along with some ID proof to validate own identify. This process ensures candidate who has registered is appearing for the exam and dummy candidate is not appearing on behalf of the actual candidate.


Online Exams if not managed properly , dummy candidates can take advantage of the process. Online Exams are  scalable and multiple candidates can appear for the exam simultaneously from different locations. There has to be some technology to remotely monitor those candidates.

Authentication of Candidate During Online Exam Process

Photo Capturing Process During Online Exam

Photo Capturing Technology helps to capture candidate photographs using remote web camera installed on the machine where exam is happening. Records of the photographs captured during exam process are stored and available to exam admin to review candidate identify. It helps to analyze if same candidate is appearing for the exam.


Live Image Capturing During Online Exam Process

Online Examination Platform
Online Examination Platform is an Online Examination Platform used by many universities, Professional Training Institutes, Colleges to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the students. Currently more than 250,000 exams have been conducted on this platform. It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.




Online Exam Case Study

Online Exam Security

Online Exam For Hiring
CA Parag Kulkarni
CA Parag Kulkarni

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