Online Admission SystemOnline Admission System

Admission System/ process is an entry point for the new students. Professional and customer centric approach for admission process is critical for branding of the institute and it can also enhance its ability to attract right students for the respective courses. Admission process has various steps and timelines. If executed properly with the help of Online Process it can result in huge savings of administration costs as well as bring in transparency increasing the efficiency of the institute. Most importantly it will bring in the much needed customer centric approach towards students, parents & working executives across the globe.

Online Admission System
Online Admission System

Some Points Related to Online Admission

There are two steps in any Admission Process,’ Pre-Admission’ & ‘Post-Admission’. The ‘Pre-Admission’ is a process whose scope is right from the online registration of the candidates until generation of the Merit List / Call for counselling of the candidates. The ‘Post-Admission’ process starts as soon as an Admit Letter gets issued to a candidate. Post that the candidate can decide to Confirm, Cancel OR Reject the admission offered.

As a part of the ‘Pre-Admission’, the whole process automation can be achieved right from setting up a publicly accessible secured Online Admission portal. The portal has to be informative, user friendly & comprehensive but simple for Students, Parents & Working Executives to access. All the activities of publishing the admission notices, Candidate Registration, Online admission form filling should be happening truly ONLINE. At times, it has been observed that the institute officials call the admission process is ONLINE where just forms are downloaded from the admission portal & rest all the process is carried out completely in an Off-line mode.

The Online Admission platform should be able to facilitate uploading of online documents / soft copies of certificates those are required as a part of the requisite documents to grant admission to a candidate. Making payments towards the form fee / application fees should be completely electronic even the payment receipts should be electronically available. That will help the Digital India to experience the convenience. Most importantly, throughout the whole process SMS & E-mails should notify the candidates of their passwords, payments, submission status of the forms etc.
So, the Online Admission portal collates all the student data & with a strong analytic engine should help to generate the Merit Lists depending upon the need of the University / Institutes. Followed by the above is the Seat Allocation process. A mature Online Admission Platform / System should be able to process the seat allocation algorithm as well. Under this, depending upon the quota, merit of the candidates, their respective preferences for course(s) / Institutes, student seat allocation should happen. All such allocations should be displayed in public domain to ensure utmost transparency.

In a recent notification to all the Universities by UGC (University Grant Commission) of India, it has mandated all the Universities to take their Admission of 2016 completely Online. This may have come late but this has a merit for the Universities to bring in efficiency – financial as well as administrative. Not only saving paper & helping the Mother Nature in terms f saving trees but the admission process itself will be more inclusive. As it will be digital it will reach to its customers – the very integral part of any student taking their regular admissions, their anxious parents & working executives who are pursuing the executive / distance education. Also, Online Admission process should be one of the MOST important Digital initiatives of India as it touches millions of Indians life & will definitely a big contribution to make a ‘Digital India’ ! (Online Marketplace for education) (Online Marketplace for education) is an online marketplace for education where as an educational entity you can sell online admission forms, educational contents like assessments, educational notes, educational cds, educational videos in a secure way. 100+ institutes, publishers, coaching institutes, universities are being benefited by using Register on to get started.