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If it wasn’t for education, could you still be thinking big, exploring a world of opportunities or debating on who’s done it right to bring a real change in motion? No! Education is key to help live a life that’s flourishing in all circles. Do you have your eyes on a next-gen Smartphone that’s soon going to launch? Oh, are you a star at social gatherings? Are you mostly appreciated for the intellect and smarts in you? Guess what? Education is at the core of all things. It’s not only about gathering knowledge. Education grooms you to be a part of the society…… a big part indeed! From sharpening your intellect to boosting your confidence, education plays a key role.

Gone are the days when text books and classroom learning was all. It’s a technology-driven generation we are a part of now! E-learning is what kids and parents look up to! The online education market size is growing by leaps and bounds. Don’t believe? Well in India alone, education market is currently worth 5.9 trillion rupees. Surprised already? Wait till you learn more! This incredible hike is all due to the introduction of online education systems. Development is quick and learning, well e-learning in particular is interesting than ever.

Knowing your A, B, C’s will only make you literate and not educated. There’s a fine line of difference between the two. When you are literate, you can read and write but when you are educated, you can think, analyse, reason and bring out the skills in you. That’s the power of education. To keep up with the quick-pace of the business world, it is imperative to improve and power-up the education industry. There’s an enormous demand for educated well-skilled workers.

Online Education Marketplace
Online Education Marketplace

What makes up the education marketplace on a whole?

Before reaching the top of the ladder and kiss success, learning about the various constituents of the education marketplace is worth it, right? Here’s a glimpse at some of the major factors behind this blooming industry.

1. Admission

People are gradually becoming aware of the importance of education. Even the most rural areas are on the verge of development. There’s a notable hike in the ratio of admissions today, giving the sector a boom it long needed. Curriculums are revised. It’s not just academics schools and colleges focus on. From soft skills development to the real skills needed to flourish, endless resources are being available for the sophomore to learn and imbibe.

2. E-Learning –

Even the ignorant know about it. E-learning is the present and also the future. What’s so convenient about carrying text books and flipping through hundreds of pages for an answer that has been scribed down some years back? It’s an advanced era now. Researches are made on an ongoing basis and e-learning makes all information up for grabs.

3. Online test preparations –

Computers are mightier than pens these days. No wonder, most examinations are held online. It’s convenient, quick and easily accessible by all and sundry. What more perks are you looking for?

4. Certifications –

Education can be commenced at any age, whether you are 15 or 50. However, not many institutions support programs offered for a wide range of people, from the young guns to the enthusiastic grey haired ones. This is where e-learning comes into play. You always have something to learn and the most amazing thing – none of these efforts go in vain. Proper certifications are provided if you undertake a course online. Why hop out and look for institutes when education is right at your fingertips?

At the end of the day, even education is business. It supports the country’s economy and rolls in big bucks. From institutions to students, almost everyone benefits from the advantage of online schooling. Working executive for example have no time to quit job. Who is going to bring home the groceries then? However, progress is not going to stop because certification courses from reputed institutions are always available online. Online Admission Platform Online Admission Platform is an award winning online Admission platform currently used by 100+ Institutes, universities, schools across India. Institute can register on as marketplace, define courses and start collecting online applications and payments instantly. provides seamless integration with your website and other systems of your Institute. Register on today.

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