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Nayak Tutorials

Nayak’s Tutorials is one of the leading education service institution, rendering educational coaching across Maharashtra and Gujarat. It provides a wide range of services from coaching to training, in the field of education, through dedicated efforts of professionals. Today, Nayak’s Tutorials has a strong presence with 75 coaching centers, supported by over 500 well educated & experienced tutors. More than 90,000 students have been benefited by their coaching approach.



Nayak’s Tutorials conduct tutorials and internal exams based on specific chapters for students from 8th Standard to 12th Standard.  Question Papers of such tutorials are designed based on criteria like difficulty level, Topic. Nayak’s Tutorials cater to thousands of students with batches across multiple locations. Defining question paper manually using expert teachers and sending it across the branches for student evaluation was becoming huge activity with lot of logistic and administration cost.

Nayak’s Tutorials was looking to automate entire question bank management and question paper generation process using technology tool so that, all  students of branches can be provided with chapter/ topic/ section wise tests periodically.


Nayak’s Tutorials decided to use Online Knowledge Management and Assessment Solution to automate exam paper generation process. Following things are automated

Question Bank management

Entire Question Bank of 9th & 10th Standard has been defined and imported in the system. Each Question is defined with attributes like Subject, Topic, Sub topic, Board (CBSE, ICSE, State etc).

Tree Structure of Question bank along with Subject, Topic, Subtopic, Question Type, Difficulty Level and Marks for each question is defined in the system.

Online Question Bank Management

Exam Paper Template Management

Standard Exam Templates for each Stream/ Standard, Subject are defined in the system. Each Template is for specific exam type and pattern.

Exam Paper Template Management


For 9th Standard students there can be weekly tests, semester test. Each test can have individual pattern template.


Exam Paper Setter

For each subject there can be subject matter expert who can define examination paper using one of the standard template or can define new exam template.

Each Individual exam paper setter can login to the system and define question paper as per requirement.

Online Question Paper Generation Software


Administrator can generate report of any individual question paper setter or exam as per requirement. Question Paper can be downloaded with secure login for subjective exam to be conducted across multiple locations.

Speaking about technology implementation at Nayak’s Tutorials, its Technology and Content Development Head Mr Naveen Soni has said,

” We have been using Eklavvya System from the last 3 years and found it user friendly. Most of the work related to question paper generation process has been centralized with automation. Coordination across multiple branches for exam has been improved.”




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