Online Admission process Case Study


SP college digitalized the admission process

Do you remember those days of your college admissions? Long queues and a bunch of documents, traveling to distant cities and a lot of expenses, wasn’t that hectic?

Well, that’s not the case now, with advanced technology and increased internet availability, it is possible to conduct the admission process in a totally online and reliable way. Online admission processes are a favored choice of leading academicians and aspiring students as well. Majority of the reputed colleges across the world are adopting an online admission process. Adopting an online admission process is not something novel but is a need of modern and progressive colleges.

About SP college

Sir Parashurambhau College is a reputed college located in the “Oxford of the east”; Pune, imparting excellence in the field of education since its inception in 1916. The college owns the crown of being one of the most preferred colleges by students for a variety of courses.

SP college strives to provide the best experience to students in every aspect, may it be the online admission process or teaching and examinations. As part of their mission to improve the student experience at college, SP college has embraced and utilized the use of technology to deliver the best to their students.

With help of our flagship product, ePravesh, SP college streamlined the admission process completely in an online mode, here are the salient features of “Online admission process of SP college”

The candidate screening was effective

effective and automatic screening of candidates

Being a renowned college for quality education, the college receives thousands of applications for the limited number of seats that college can offer. Considering this, it was important for the college to deploy a strong and robust screening mechanism to get the best candidates as part of their prestigious institute.

The college followed three approaches to screen the candidate, let us understand those-

Primary Screening

This screening is automatic, no intervention by any college staff is required. The screening is based on parameters defined by the college while framing the admission registration form; only those candidates who fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria are allowed to get registered for the admission process.

For example, In order to get admission to college, students must have all the required documents with them, if students do not upload any of the mandatory documents, their eligibility for admission automatically gets canceled and such students won’t be allowed to proceed for admission to SP college.

Secondary Screening

Once all the eligible students apply for the desired courses, the further screening is required, for the courses where number of applications is relatively larger, an online assessment is required, such online assessments serve as a secondary screening mechanism for admissions

Third Screening Mechanism

 This screening is also completely automatic and includes the merit list generation. Merit list generation can be done on the basis of marks obtained by the student in entrance exam or in their 10+12 (HSC), this criteria changes course to course.

Students were assessed for their knowledge as a part of admission process

Online entrance exams as part of admission process

For many of the courses of high demand and importance, the college conducted an online entrance exam; these entrance examinations were part of screening of students as mentioned earlier. Here are the notable considerations about online admission tests

Entrance Exam Security

The question papers were stored on a secure cloud, no one other than the permitted officials of college could access the question papers, this held no chances of question paper leakage

Entrance Exam Reliability 

It is often argued that the online examinations are not cheating free, but with advanced technology and expertise, it is possible to curb the malpractice efficiently. The entrance exams were conducted in proctored mode, assigned personnel could act as an invigilator for the online exam, the activity of the candidates could be tracked using candidate logs.

No need of manual paper checking

The question paper consisted of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), the marks for each student used to get calculated automatically, moreover, these results could be downloaded in excel format

Exam Scalability

Large number of students could appear for these examinations, the platform for exam was scalable, meaning that it could handle the large number of candidate easily, the platform used to get scaled up automatically with more number of students coming online for examination

Admission process was largely automated

Automation of admission process

Automation is the key to reduce operation time, resource cost and improve process accuracy, considering the perks of automation, ePravesh keeps automation at center for designing the admission process, below mentioned are  parts of the admission process that were automated

Screening of Candidates

The screening of candidates was made automatic which saved a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted in manual screening of the candidates, this not only saved the time, but also saved the cost of the admission process.

Merit List Generation

The admission processes are generally conducted in multiple rounds, the merit to various courses changes for each round, when it is done manually, it may take hours and hours of dedication and still the mistakes may happen. The merit list generation was completely automated, it was matter of a single click to generate the merit list, that too with highest accuracy.

While creating the merit list, all the factors including desired course by candidate, candidate marks, reservations were taken into consideration

Communication with students

Proper communication with the candidate is an inevitable part of the admission process, there can be multiple changes in the timeline of the admission process, there may be the need of communicating candidates about the rounds of admission. With ePravesh, the college doesn’t need to manually communicate with the students, an assigned person from our team helps you with automatic communication

Registration and admission fee payment

Students could pay the fee directly from the application portal without any need of visiting the bank, for the finance team of college, the report of fees paid was available, there was no need to manually cross check whether students have paid the registration fees or not. By default, only those candidates who have filled the registration fees could go ahead with registration

The admission process was convenient for administrators and students

Convenient to student and college administrator

No matter how efficient the process is, if it is not convenient, it will not find acceptance. On the same note, the online admission process of SP college was not just efficient, but convenient as well. The candidates could apply for the admission process right from their home, they did not need to travel, stand in long queues, did not have to go to the bank to pay the admission fees.

As the admission process was largely automated, it significantly reduced the cost associated with the admission process, the infrastructure and human resource could be invested in a more productive task, which in turn helps college for better overall productivity

Apart from efficiency and convenience, the third pillar of any process is “transparency”, transparent processes add value to the overall image of organization, the same applies to admission process as well, the admission process of SP college is totally transparent, by virtue of technology, it is possible to keep the records for years without investing the physical space.

SP college acknowledges the quality of products and services offered by ePravesh

We at S.P. college Pune are using Splashgain Software and services for conducting online admissions and proctored examination .Till now we have successfully conducted various CIE and SEE examinations for different subjects under the faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer science and BBA , UG and PG for the last two years.

After onboarding us, a coordinator was assigned to assist us, he did an excellent job of coordination with Examination Clerk of the SP college, the examinations could be conducted without any major issues

We got excellent cooperation and time to time assistance . the assigned coordinator helped us in difficult situations, Due to the timely cooperation we were able to display our examination results in stipulated time. We are thankful to him. The college is fully satisfied with your service.

I hope the same cooperation will continue in  future as well.

Dr D. B. Pawar
Controller of Examination,
SP College, Pune

SP college and many such reputed colleges are enjoying the perks of adopting the technology to harmonize the admission process at a world class level. Do you want to be a part of “progressive and technology enabled organizations? ”If yes, we would love to help you to completely automate the admission process for your institute.