Online Psychometric Tests

It’s a tough world out there. Graduating students get anxious when it is time to join the workforce given today’s economic situation of more jobseekers competing for fewer jobs. Universities and colleges have the main duty to prepare students to be the perfect candidate in every job position.


Online Psychometric Tests and assessment process
Online Psychometric Tests and assessment process

Introduction to Psychometric Tests

One of the things that graduate students will meet when looking for jobs are Psychometric tests. These are not the usual test during job application. Many colleges and universities worldwide have introduced this type of test to students.


What is a psychometric test?  Deciphering the term it simple means measuring one’s mind – psycho, which means, “ mind” and metric, which means, “ measure”. Many are intimidated with the term but chances are, you have taken psychometric tests at least once.


These types of tests not only measures your IQ but your EQ; therefore, a holistic method to measure a candidate. The test is composed of different parts for aptitude and personality in order to gauge a candidate’s level of abstract reasoning, verbal, and numeral knowledge.


The test can have the usual grammar and graphical question but it has one test that digs into your preference and behavior.

An example:

  1. “ I always feel excited when invited for a party”
  2. Strong Disagree B. Disagree C. Neutral      D. Agree    E. Strongly Agree.


This question can determine if the candidate is an introvert or an extrovert.  A psychometric test is widely used in companies for their recruitment.

Online Examination Process
Online Assessment Process

Advantages of Online Psychometric Tests

Various online assessment tests are now available including a psychometric test.  Compared to on-site tests, online psychometric tests have some benefits.

They are cheaper

A psychometric test is not cheap and an online type is a valuable alternative. This is great for companies who will not pay (yet require) a psychometric analysis of their applicants. You can find them free online or for a minimal cost.


Cut Down Candidates and Costs

Though used in companies, psychometrics is also used while in the university. For example those taking MBAs or for college admissions, with an online test, universities can evaluate candidates faster without spending time and effort on letting them answer on-site.


Candidates can practice

Majority of companies or higher education have their own standard psychometric tests and it is a known fact that many feel nervous taking these tests. With online psychometric tests, candidates and applicants can test the waters to give them more confidence during the actual examination.


Reference to Education Sector Usage

Psychometric tests are common examination types used by recruiters and HR departments but more and more schools have introduced these tests. After all, psychometric tests were first used for educational psychology.

And there is no doubt, using this test in higher education is highly useful in student selection & evaluation process. Admitting staff can gauge to what major a student should take that matches his/her interest and mental expertise.

These tests are also used in the career and employment services of many campuses. Graduating students can take on-campus using a network computer.



Psychometric tests are highly required to be included in higher education. From student selection to career guidance, psychometric has many advantages.

Many incoming college students have no idea what major to take or not aware of the best major to study where they can natural excel. For graduating students, universities can extend more assistance in preparing their alumni to become highly productive members of the workforce.

One of the best tests around measuring both personality and aptitude, every school especially higher education must include this in their systems.

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