Aptiitude test questionAptiitude test question

Online assessment is conducted based on need of evaluation process and criteria. Right from school going students to working professionals need to appear for assessment during various phases. Assessment is also divided into various segments as it can provide help to assess the candidate

Psychometric test

This test is very popular to assess various subjective skills like leadership, taking initiative, team player ability, adaptability, innovation, creativity etc. Those subjective skills are becoming critical to succeed in the life in addition to knowledge of the particular field. Many corporate, business schools have started using this as a selection tool to select right candidates. 

Eklavvya.in can be used to design Psychometric test to assess candidate for various abilities.

Psychometric Test
Psychometric Test

Aptitude test


Aptitude test comprises of language test, reasoning , general mathematics, data interpretation. Most of the entrance exams, banking exams, employee selection exams constitute those topics in the aptitude test. Such test is able to analyze candidates skill to analyze data and make decisions along with reading ability, mathematical calculations ability.
Eklavvya.in supports aptitude questions like graphical analysis, mathematical questions, image based questions.

Aptitude Test
Aptitude Test

Listening Skill Test


In such test candidate need to listen to the audio and answer the questions based on audio contents. Such test helps to understand listening ability and language expertise of the candidate. It is very popular format of assessment for TOFEL (Test of English as Foreign Language). Such assessment has been adopted by other entities including corporate and some business schools.
Eklavvya.in supports audio based questions where you can define questions by uploading audio file.

Observation skill test

In such test candidate is shown particular image/ picture and asked to write down individual thoughts about it or candidate need to select right option from provided options to describe the picture. Such test is able to provide observation ability, thought process of the candidate. Such test is useful if innovation and creativity are essential during assessment process.

Observational Ability
Observational Ability