Online Assessment Analytics

Assessment process for education segment has been evolving. With the advancement of technology offline assessment process is being replaced by Online Assessment Process for many entrance exams. In fact , many universities of India are trying to explore option to use online assessment which would replace traditional examination process.
Online examination or assessment process has some of the advantages in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction, instant result management, accuracy in terms of paper checking. Apart from those advantages there is another advantage while accessing large data of candidate results.Large data of assessment can provide useful insights of each candidate

Online Assessment Analytics
Online Assessment Analytics

1. Response time for each question:

Online assessment system can record individual responses of the candidate in terms of time taken to answer particular question. Such data is useful to understand strong and weak areas of the candidate within particular subject . This response time can be analyzed over group of candidates to check min, max, avg response time of the candidate.

2. Score in Each Subject / Topic :

System would provide details of Total questions attempted, total correct answers, total incorrect answers for particular topic and subject. It can be useful to understand subjectwise performance of the individual as well as for whole batch of candidates. If whole batch has performed poorly for particular topic then it can be indicator that particular subject concepts are not clear for the batch or some improvement is needed or topic covers questions which are out of syllabus etc. Groupwise data can be sorted based on district/ age and gender to get in depth analysis of the candidate having certain attribute and location. Such insights are very useful in large scale govt assessment/ examinations to analyze candidates according to state/ district.

Online Assessment Aalytics
Online Assessment Aalytics

3. Performance for Each Question:

Online Assessment system can provide insight for group performance for particular question with details including total no of candidates attempted the question, total no of candidates answered correctly, total candidates answered incorrectly etc. This analysis useful to understand knowledge of the candidates for particular question of specific topic. Additional inferences can be identified with detailed analysis of question response based on location, gender, Region of the candidate appearing for Online Assessment.

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