Entrance Examination for Education INstituteEntrance Examination for Education INstitute

Admission Process

Admission process is important activity to select suitable and talented students for any education institute or university. Admission process starts with inviting applications for the courses. This process can be conducted online to simplify process for the applicants. In the latest trends, most of the institutes have started conducting entrance exam apart from taking into consideration of academic performance of the qualifying examination.

Entrance Examination Process

Entrance Examination and Assessment for Education Institute
Entrance Examination and Assessment for Education Institute

Today’s world demands analytical ability and practical knowledge of the various aspects. Entrance exams of the universities and institutes are defined to select candidates with better practical knowledge. Entrance examinations are objective and questions are defined to test conceptual knowledge of the applicant instead of theoretical knowledge.
Technology like Eklavvya has provided tools and techniques to design entrance exam according to your syllabus and examination pattern. Paper setter can define exam pattern according to number of topics to be covered, total questions from each topic , randomizing questions for each applicant during the exam, defining negative marking etc.

Defining Entrance Exam of Education Institute Step 1
Defining Entrance Exam of Education Institute Step 1

In case of First Step Admin can define following attributes of the exam

  1. Variable Marking : Define if exam would be having variable marking scheme like 20 questions of 1 mark, 10 questions of 2 marks each etc.
  2. Total Time: Define Total Time for the exam in minutes
  3. Allow Instant Score View : Define if you wish to show result to the user immediately after exam is finished
  4. Allow Question Navigation: Define if user can navigate questions during exam or it should be disabled
  5. Negative Marking: Define if exam should have negative marking
  6. Randomize Questions: Define if each student should get random questions based on patter of the exam.
Defining Entrance Exam Step 2
Defining Entrance Exam Step 2

If you have question bank for the syllabus ready then entrance exam can be defined using Eklavvya.in in just 2 steps as mentioned above.

In case of step 2 admin can define topic name and total number of questions from each topic along with difficulty level and question types along with passing marks for the entrance examination.


Entrance examination of the applicant can be analyzed over various parameters based on topicwise performance, group performance, avg score of the batch, median / max score in the batch. Eklavvya provides options to analyze student result to help take decision about admission process selection.

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