Online Exam and Assessment Audit Logging Process

Changing trends indicates that education segment is moving towards technology usage for various tasks including admission process and examination/ assessment process. There are many advantages for conducting examination process with the help of technology. However technology can bring challenging implications in terms of data security, authentication of the users of the system.

Online Exam and Assessment Audit Logging Process
Online Exam and Assessment Audit Logging Process

Online examination can be tampered by the unauthorized access from the remote location if login credentials are known to the user and it may manipulate data integrity of the process.

Advanced log management can help administrator to check security aspects of the assessment process.

Authorized IP Address for administration: Admin can define list of IP addresses which can be used to access administration and examination management control panel. It would help to block unauthorized access to the system from the hacker or any such user.
Following events related to examination process can be logged to keep track on data security and authorized usage


No Event Details
1 Student Login System would log IP address and timing of the login. Invalid IP request can be blocked
2 Exam Start Time System would keep log of timing of the exam start event for individual candidate
3 Exam Resume Time In case of internet failure if candidate is restarting the exam then the subsequent timing would be recorded
4 Forgot password Request In case of forgot password event system would record no of attempts made to login and request timing for forgot password.
5 Student Response Click Event When student is appearing for objective exam, selection of option from the available choices as answers click event can be logged. Such
logging would help to audit if system was tampered while generating the result.
6 Finish Exam Event System would log the timing of the exam finish for the individual user.
7 Navigation Event System can also log navigation of the individual user while appearing for the assessment process.
8 Admin Activity Event When admin logs in to the system and access details of the result or generates reports , all such events are logged with valid IP address
Admin Activity Log for Online Assessment and Examination Process
Admin Activity Log for Online Assessment
Online Exam Student Activity Log during Assessment
Online Exam Student Activity Log


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