When people think of Biotechnology, they think of laboratories and microscopes. Careers in Biotechnology vary from marketing, sales to research and data analysis. Biotechnology has a diverse set of career options available which may or may not be directly related to Biology. Sometimes the work is related to similar data studies and interpretations that are barely ever about microscopes or white coats in laboratories.

Eligibility Criterion

The eligibility criterion for Biotechnology is as follows:

  • A High School Diploma Holder or equivalent in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as core subjects.
  • Mathematics is not compulsory
  • The percentage of marks for admission varies from college to college.



Year 1:

Introduction to Bio-Chem

Chemistry in BioPhysics

Genetics and Cell Biology

Year 2

Physiology of Plants and Animals

Bio membranes and Bio-Genetics

Computer and Data Statistics

Year 3

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Plants and Animal Biotechnology

Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Who should go for it?

  • Participants with a scientific aptitude who are keen on learning and researching about micro-organisms as well as genetics.
  • Applicants with the ability to use gadgets and also have problem-solving skills.
  • Individuals desirous of becoming researchers who design and carry out experiments to study microscopic organisms.

Why is the Course Beneficial?

  • It provides in-depth knowledge about the field of Biotechnology and prepares the individual with an industry-required skill set.
  • Teach participants to design and carry out research regarding genetics and also to interpret data.
  • The Course is not just limited to science but gives a holistic approach by involving statistical studies.
  • This way, the participant knows how to design, carry out as well as explore the data at hand to draw inferences out of it.
No Course Name Form  Fee Apply
1 MSC BioTechnology (Modern College Pune) Rs 100 Apply Online
2 MSC BioTechnology (MES Garware Pune) Rs 200 Apply Online
3 B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering Rs 2000 Apply Online
4 B.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering Rs 2000 Apply Online

Opportunities and Careers in Biotechnology

Biotechnology Marketing

Biotech is not limited to designing and holding research. It helps in exploring multiple business options via marketing and sales related jobs.

Research Analyst

As a graduate of Biotech, one can analyse the given data at hand. The individual is capable of studying statistical data and interpreting it to draw conclusions from it.

Research Associate

The most obvious choice after graduating from Biotechnology is that of becoming a research associate. The research associate can find career specialisations in cancer biology, Vitro Biology andmany other types of biology.

Product Developer

After drawing inferences, one can also create products as a form of solutions to the problem. Therefore, a lot of biotechnology graduates end up researching for gaps in the field to develop new products for newer problems.


The Verdict

Biotechnology has a lot of career options available from Human resources, to marketing, quality assurance and product development, etc. It is a field with diverse opportunities at the cusp of completion and is an excellent choice for those with the knack of understanding science. People who enjoy subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths with a longing to find logical reasoning are perfectly fit for the profession. It’s a great way to fight curiosity and create things to tinker with your imagination.

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