Online Examination System with Remote Proctoring

Indian examination system has traditional process of defining classroom for the paper based exam or allot exam center if it is online exam. Physical invigilator is the person who can keep track on activities and exam process at the specific examination center.

You can listen to this podcast to understand advantages of Remote Proctoring approach

Physical Proctoring of the Exam

Physical proctoring of the exam involves invigilator being physically present at the examination center. For each batch of 50 students one person is needed to monitor the activities of the exam. This is traditional approach followed by many entities while managing examination process. Online exam activity can reduce cost of physical exam upto certain extent. Online Examination Process can eliminate logistical activities related to paper based exam process significantly.


Introduction of Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring is technology enabled proctoring mechanism. It helps to eliminate need of physical presence during exam invigilation process. Eklavvya system can take remote  control of the examination user using web camera attached to it.

Web camera enabled remote computer provides live video streaming of the candidate. It also helps to authenticate candidate appearing for the exam.

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What Remote Proctor can do using Technology

  • Remote Proctor can view streaming of the user to check if exam is being conducted in fair manner.
  • Remote Proctor can also see on screen activities of the use e.g. navigation, click activity of the user.
  • It is possible to pause exam in between or resume exam.
  • It is possible to initiate live chat with the exam candidate. In such case while chat session is active remote exam timer is paused.

Online Examination System with Remote Proctoring

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 Face Detection

Online Examination System is intelligent to identify  faces during live streaming process. If for the particular user session system detects 2 faces through web camera then it is recorded in the system and remote proctor is also communicated about it using audit log mechanism. It is possible to detect or audit if user is taking help from external entity while appearing for the exam.

Face Detection during Online Examination Process Remote Proctoring

Cost implications

With internet connectivity is becoming better in India. Cost of having broadband connection is reducing. It is right time to move for the technology automation for examination process proctoring.

Using remote Proctoring technology it is possible to conduct and manage remote online exams distributed across multiple locations. Physical exam invigilation can be replaced with technology.

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Online Exam and Knowledge Management Software for Skill Based Training

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