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Psychometric tests represent a standard, scientific method to analyze and measure an individual candidate’s mental capability and behavioral style. They are designed to assess an individual’s suitability for a certain position or role.

All over the world, more and more firms are using Psychometric Evaluation to gauge merit and aptitude. Psychometric tests can be used efficiently to analyze a person’s personality traits.

An analysis of personality traits can go a long way in determining whether a candidate is suitable for a particular post or not. For example, a caring attitude can confirm the candidate’s suitability for a nursing position or strong decision-making skills can indicate a candidate’s suitability for a managerial position.

In fact, personality even affects job performance as studies have indicated that personality characteristics often account for the difference in the efficiency and quality of work among co-workers.Therefore, emotional intelligence appears to be almost as important as a high IQ level for good performance.

Psychometric tests employ the basic framework of a questionnaire, often in the form of Multiple Choice Questions. The answers or responses are computed and analyzed in order to ascertain the test taker’s personality traits. These tests have standard questions and ensure equal opportunity.

These tests also make sure that the candidates who may not be very good at interviews get a fair chance. One of the most elementary and definitive forms involves evaluation in terms of five main personality- defining areas.

The Big Five

The ‘Big Five’ Personality Test refers to a psychometric evaluation where five main areas are tested and assessed. They are as follows:


This involves assessment of an individual’s adaptability, whether or not he is open-minded in terms of accepting new experiences and unconventional ideas, along with an analysis of his creative ability, expression of internal thoughts and emotions, etc.

Conscientiousness - ePravesh


This part of the test involves judging an individual’s work ethic, i.e., performance, ability and willingness to perform a task efficiently, and the extent to which a person invests himself in his work.

Extraversion - ePravesh


This area involves analysis of an individual’s confidence and assertiveness, social skills and the willingness to take risks.

Agreeableness - ePravesh


An important part of personality evaluation is testing an individual’s capacity and willingness to co-operate with others, in other words, the ability to work as a part of a team.

Neuroticism - ePravesh


This particular section of personality evaluation tests the candidate’s level of tension and anxiety, along with the ability to remain calm and stress-free under pressure.

Multiple Applications

Psychometric tests can be used by both employers and employees for personality analysis.This is also known as personality profiling. Employers can use the psychometric evaluation of personality traits in order tostreamline their hiring process and thereby, ensure that they hire the best candidates.

Meanwhile, these tests can also be used by individuals to ascertain their personality traits in terms of their strong points and weaknesses. They can then utilize the results in order to work on their weak areas. These tests can also help in personality development.

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