Equity Market Career option in management course

World of securities Market and Career Options


World of finance is expanding rapidly with technological advancements and better regulations. There has been increasing demand for the finance professionals across various segments. Banking regulations have seen great changes in the last 2 decades. Most of the transactions are happening paperless mode. Finance professionals are in good demand. If you are a student, completed your undergraduate studies then one of the options that you have is post graduation studies in management.

Management education has been evolving continuously and new streams, specializations are being created to cater to demand from the industry. In case of management education there are various specializations available including Finance, marketing. Operations management etc. But, the world of finance is growing by leaps and bounds and it has enabled more demand for niche areas of finance like securities market.


Securities Market

Securities market has main segments including

Equity Market Career option in management courseA. Equity Market: It is the market for trading equity instruments. Underlying thing traded in this market is nothing but stocks of the companies. There are extensions to this market with mutual funds. Equity market allows companies to raise funds.

B. Currency Market: It is related to trading of various currencies of the countries.

C. Commodity Market: It is the marketplace for buying and selling products. Many financial instruments have been derived from this market.

In case of India there is Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It is top level regulatory body that controls overall stock market rules and regulations .

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The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust established in 2006 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The institute enhances the quality of the securities markets and increases the participation in the markets through sustained capacity building and knowledge dissemination. The institute carries out a wide range of capacity building activities at various levels aimed at enhancing the quality standards of and increase the participation in the securities markets. The institute’s six schools of excellence and the National Center for Financial Education works in synergy towards professionalized securities markets.


Management Courses Related to Securities Market

NISM has come up with specialized courses related to securities market.

No Course Name Download Prospectus
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Securities Markets)[ PGDM (SM) ] Download
2  Post Graduate Programme in Securities Markets (PGPSM) Download
3  Post Graduate Diploma in Quantitative Finance (PGDQF) Download
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science (PGDDS) Download


Each course has specialization and syllabus

Courses related to Securities and Finance


What can you gain from NISM Courses:

  • Structured and comprehensive insights into the equity, debt, currency and commodity markets, and their underlying derivative markets, in a well-designed and rigorously delivered environment
  • Insights from Finance, Accounting, Economics, Computing, Quantitative Methods and Law
  • An enviable repertoire of knowledge, skills and applications in various segments of the securities markets leading to various career pathways
  • Policy-research based inputs from top-class academicians
  • Development of analytical skills, critical thinking, problem solving and reporting, as is required of a contemporary professional


You also need to look at the Finance sector from following two view points:

Globalization Effect on Finance:

World is moving towards globalization, trading/ business activities is happening across the border. Each nation, geographies are having different rules and regulations. Entire world of finance is becoming complex considering globalization happening in day to day business activities leading to cross border transactions / investments in the Securities Markets. While that is happening each country needs to protect its’ investors from the global meltdowns across the world, as and when it may happen. So, to have those safeguards, a good talent pool with deep understanding of the securities markets is required by the stakeholders, to formulate policies, rules and most importantly to have a good , great oversight to prevent the fraudulent transactions.

Technological Advancements in the Finance Sector:

Technology has managed to change virtually every segment of our life and financial world is no exception for it. Technology has virtually changed most of the finance regulations, processes as well as the emerging platforms for trading / for various transactions in the Securities Markets.  Apart from that the sustained needs for Financial Reporting of these trades and to curb the frauds the various regulatory frameworks needs to be evolved with the help of technologies. So, one has to be a subject matter expert to contribute to the cutting-edge technology work happening in this domain.

 Should You apply?

Participants with a passion for securities markets, and willing to immerse themselves over 2 years for in-depth knowledge and a long-term career in securities markets will find the PGDM (SM) programme as an ideal platform. This programme is ideally suited for fresh graduates as well as experienced candidates.

The other programmes such as PGPSM, PGDQF and PGDDS are one-year fast track programmes.

No Course Name
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Securities Markets)[ PGDM (SM) ] Apply Online
2  Post Graduate Programme in Securities Markets (PGPSM) Apply Online
3  Post Graduate Diploma in Quantitative Finance (PGDQF) Apply Online
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science (PGDDS) Apply Online