How to Attract Students to your Institute

In modern times, the selection of the right institute is a big task and getting selected in that particular institute is an even humongous task. Though the methods of learning have changed and the number of aspirants multiplied, the methodology of selection has not changed. A methodology that should have been declared obsolete long ago is still being used readily for deciding the paths on which a student’s life learns to tread.  The old method of paper and pen is not only outdated, but is also very cumbersome to handle. The chance of error in evaluating through this method is comparatively high, which may change the future prospects for a student forever.

Lately, many educational bodies have been taking this issue very seriously and trying to bring in a change in the existing system by introducing online examination system at various levels. They have realized and made it a point that new technology is incorporated in the selection process to derive maximum benefit from it.

Steps simplifying student selection through automated process

Student Admission Process
Student Admission Process


  • Online examination not only makes away with the cumbersome process but also eliminates the chances of human error as the evaluation is done through automated software.
  • The dynamics of the whole procedure improve drastically with the induction of the new technology as the whole procedure speeds up at almost all the steps.
  • As per the human touch of perfection, the body over-heading the process and finally auditing the results is humane, so the final control remains with them only.
  • This method is also highly cost efficient for the organizing bodies because of low expenditure on the infrastructural maintenance of conducting the examinations.

New norms by governing bodies like Union Grants Commission (UGC) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) have started the transition from offline to online examination by inducting online examination method for selection of students in examinations like JEE and many more. The new performa is based on normalizing the results of board examinations with those achieved in entrance tests. This change has been applauded by the educationalists as it sincerely considers the weightage of academic examination along with the entrance examination. This has not only undermined the growing culture of tuitions and coaching but also has lowered the growing pressure upon the students aspiring to crack the entrance examination. The new criteria have also made sure that the students give proper significance to the extracurricular activities as well as their credits are also inducted in the selection criteria.

The new measures and norms being undertaken to improve the quality and speed of college admission procedure are commendable and will definitely pay big dividends if implemented properly in the long run. These changes not only induct new technology in the selection procedure but also increase its credibility manifold because of fewer errors, transparency and easy accessibility. It’s high time we get rid of the outdated methods and embrace these new changes.


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Step 2 : Use Online Examination Platform to select right applicants suitable for your institute

Online Examination System
Online Examination System is online examination platform to automate Examination/ Assessment system. Institute can register and integrate this system with their App/ Website instantly. Currently many universities and colleges are using it to simplify online examination process.


Step 3 : Define weightages for each steps

Institute can keep weightage of 50% for academic , 30% for entrance exam, 20% for personal Interview and auto generate Merit List. It will save huge time of processing student applications. helps you to generate merit List according to your criteria and need.