Pursuant to the Notification published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary dated 21st December, 2010,provision has been made for a Single Eligibility cum Entrance Examination, namely, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to MBBS Courses and Engineering Courses across the nation.

NEET Entrance examination is likely to be conducted on  the 05th May, 2014.

Here are some of the useful CDs available for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics for your NEET 2013 Preparation

NEET 2013 Biology Preparation CD
NEET 2013 Biology Preparation CD


The syllabus for this examination as notified by the Medical Council of India is available on website www.mciindia.org.

Single entrance examination for engineering and medical seats will definitely reduce pressures of appearing for multiple        entrance exams. Students of HSC now can focus on single entrance exam to achieve their goal of seeking admission in prestigious Engineering or Medical college.

Till date there used to multiple entrance exams including JEE, AIEEE, AFMC etc . All such exams will be replaced with single examination which would act as gateway to admission of engineering and medical. Syllabus of the NEET is similar to AIEEE (basic subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics , Biology(for Medical)) and mainly based on CBSE syllabus of HSC exam.

Entrance exams are of objective type and conceptual based and this trend has reduced importance of the traditional theory paper exams of HSC. Importance of HSC certificate has reduced with majority of the students focusing only entrance exams scores to maximize their chances of admissions in Engineering or Medical Colleges.

 NEET Physics Preparation using CD


Neet 2013 Physics Preparation CD


 NEET Chemistry Preparation using CD


Neet 2013 Chemistry Preparation CD

 AIEEE/ IIT JEE Mathematics Preparation using CD


Mathematics IIT JEE/ AIEEE Preparation CD

Using those techniques of CD you can get following advantages

  1. Practice Mock Tests Everyday 
    Chapterwise Analysis of Performance
    Chapterwise Analysis of Performance
  2. Unlimited Practice Papers
  3. Analyze Your Performance
  4. Compare your results with Past Performances
  5. Detailed Subject wise Analysis
  6. Improve Your Score and Ranking for Final Exams
  7. Latest Question Bank with hundreds of Questions
  8. Graphical Analysis of Entire Test Series Performance
  9. Track Your Progress On Regular Basis

NEET 2013 is round the corner and most of the students have already started preparation of it. NEET exam would be nationwide exam conducted for admission to Engineering / Medical Institutes of India. Technology is providing many options for the students to learn effectively. NEET CD solution from Nirali Publications  is also one such platform/tool which can help you to identify you strong and weak areas chapterwise/ topicwise. This tool would provide you Mock Tests similar to NEET 2013 exam pattern


NEET 2013 Exam Reference Books

 AIEEE Mathematics

IIT JEE/ AIEEE Mathematics Preparation Book

 NEET Chemistry

Neet 2013 Chemistry preparation Book

 NEET Physics Book

NEET 2013 Physics Preparation Book




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