Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Online Learning VS Classroom Learning - Where we all stand?

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Much has changed about the way we do business in a post-corona world. Much the same can be said about the way we have started to approach education. Students all over the world are subject to more stress these days than their exams exclusively called for.

The phrase ‘everyone is online these days’ seems to have merged fluidly with the education sector during the coronavirus lockdown.

What differentiates Online Learning from Classroom Learning?

Online learning seems to be the only logical way to keep the wheels of education turning. To wait out this storm can prove tricky, owing in large part to the mortal danger that the virus possesses. Throw in the lives of young students, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster where actual classroom learning is concerned.

Below we shall explore some of the distinguishing points that define online learning.

  • The sheer CONVENIENCE of online learning is one of the most apparent differences it has with classroom learning. You can get up and sit down to study, without the hassle of commuting to a school or college.
  • STRESS levels are more manageable. This is even truer when you factor in bullying on campus, and other psychological misdemeanors. With online learning, it is just you and your studies, from the comfort of your home.
  • FOCUS is another key factor. Not only does this apply to the student’s personal focus levels, but also the teacher/tutor’s. Online classes demand only a handful of faces on the screen, which ensures efficient attention distribution from both sides – student and teacher.
  • MONEY is saved via online learning. From fees to commuting costs, you save this and more when studying from home.
  • A plethora of LEARNING STYLES can be relied upon for students who enroll in online classes. Educational psychologists have discovered at least three distinct styles, each of which can be implemented via an online learning platform.
  • It is all about SELF PACED LEARNING with online courses. You have no deadlines, no major pressures. You simply use the time you have on your hands to study and submit assessments as needed. Several online classes have an actual ‘self-paced’ option beside any given course. Based on your personal needs, you can go about arranging your own learning schedules.
  • VARIETY is the name of the game, meaning you have access to a global library of courses and subjects. You are not restricted by geography or any other factor. You get to choose your subject and study it to the end. You can access e-programs in popular universities all over the world this way. Unlike classroom learning, you need not attend courses in-person to qualify for a degree. If you put in the work, you can get your degree or diploma from anywhere in the world by studying from your ‘comfort space.

Classroom Learning - A thing of the past?

It may seem that someday classroom learning will resume once the corona crisis is over, and everything returns to a ‘new normal.’ However.

  • Online learning is not new. It was not rediscovered during the quarantine.
  • Plenty of people have been learning online for years now, especially those living in remote locations where commuting to a proper school might have been off the cards.
  • With several key subjects to explore and master, online learning grants you the ‘edge’ by way of time, convenience, less stress, accessibility, and options.

Does this mean classrooms have gone out of vogue? Not necessarily. The ‘campus experience’ is still sought after. Perhaps good quality institutions will be able to attract students post-COVID. In contrast, other educational institutions might be left to rely on the long arm of online learning to hold fast to their alumni.

Core benefits of Online Learning

In several regards, online learning has proven to be superior to its classroom cousin.

1.Cost Effective

Online learning is much less expensive than its traditional counterpart. From transportation, maintenance, to other ‘commuting necessities,’ you save so much money by logging in from home.

2.Documents Safety

Every needed piece of data, from your personal and official documents to study material, are stored in an online database/server, is safe, and readily accessible. In addition to saving precious time, you also save some peace of mind; the document originals are still in your possession.


You can multi-task, take your time with varied subjects, and enjoy an open schedule. Leisure meets Learning. Managing your time can prove flexible and adaptable, as you see fit.


You can contact peers and tutors from all over the world, depending on your chosen online learning course. From excellent project implementation to worldwide collaboration, online lessons are better than their counterpart.

5.Expert Access

You gain bona fide access to experts from varied fields of study. Online learning opens you up to specialized degree courses that you might not be allowed to join otherwise. You can communicate with teachers who bring high experiential value to their subjects, something which might not be geographically available to you through classroom learning.

6.Student-Teacher Interactions

Sharper, more efficient, and tailored to provide optimal attention are some of the words best used to describe interactions between students and their teachers in an online setting. Actual classrooms are known to be packed, making it humanly implausible for teachers to give individualized attention to their students. Your studies are greatly improved via online lessons.

The decisive edge - Conclusion

Providing you ideal control over your learning environment maximizes your chance of studying to win. You gain the edge in academia simply by cutting out the fluff and removing the need to waste time commuting to actual classrooms. You gain superior access to expertise and teachers from anywhere in the world, as your course permits.

Learning online grants you access to an ever-adapting field. Much like regular app updates, online learning benefits from changes in teaching styles and curriculums as compared to conventional classroom learning.

One of the best reasons to take up online learning is because it helps you finish that elusive degree, which you might have put aside for personal reasons. More people can now gain entry into more fields of academics and learn and collaborate to their heart’s content.