Lead Generation!!
How to generate more leads for your educational courses_

A newly brewed business model is more like a newborn baby lying in the lap of his/her mother. Just like the baby needs to be taken care of, so as the novice business model.


Positioning a business into this highly competitive era is a daunting task and requires a hard rock solid attitude to not give up. Brand positioning is the most vital step while initiating a business model because how you propose your business to the prospect customers ultimately defines the success of your model.


Let it be any business, it needs the fuel of leads to prosper and succeed. Leads can be leveraged as the potential buyers or consumers, whom we expect to become regular and repetitive buyers.


To understand the correct flow of positioning a business, let’s take a tour of the business model and how to position it in the right manner to succeed.



A huge domain to work with and is having a humongous scope to excel. As we discussed prior, any business to survive and prosper, it is really very vital to generate leads.


But basically, what does the concept of lead really mean?


In terms of educational business, a lead is nothing but a student who shows interest in your array of courses for taking admission.




A mind that is highly influenced by the urge of education, but unclear with the perks of it and the direction to expedite.


There are naturally two types of people who could be attracted to your educational business;


Type A: The ones who know what they want to perceive.

Type B: The ones who are keen to learn but don’t know what to choose.


Of course, lead generation is not a definite recipe that is popular worldwide and appeals to one and all. You have to explore several methods and forms that lead to generating interest in your educational courses.


You really need to cluster your lead generation activity subject to the type of audience that you have to deal with.

Today when we are living in an era driven by Information and Technology, not just a corporate business community but the educational field as well needs to generate leads in order to fulfil its admissions.


In order to beat the competition, you need to build a business funnel where you can moderate the marketing activities in order to target both types of enthusiast, attracted towards your business model. There are various ways to generate leads, especially beneficial to the educational arena.

Creative Website Development

Your website is the face of your business. It should be full of content and should deliver the pitch that you yourself would do when you meet a prospect in-person.


The content, may it be an image, a video or plain text, the intent should be the same and it should bring in the same integrity that you bring in while dealing.


After all, the website is nothing but an employee who is serving your clients in your absence; 24 x 7.

2. Directory Submission for the business website

Online Directory Submissions

Google runs on algorithms and we need to feed Google with the services that we vend to our clients.


More powerful the content, higher the search result ranking on Google!


Marketers earlier have reported that demand for content creation increased by 70.94% in 2013. The same trend continues until today. Therefore your website must have a great appeal to your customers- the prospective students.


On the web, there is a flood of classified directories who help to rank you in the list of the similar service providers, like you.


Do register yourself with the finest business directories, who can help you grab a credible market share in terms of the services you vend.


These directories help you list yourself out in the array of similar vendors, market your products or services and advertise your brand up to a certain extent.


Back-links coming from resourceful directories are legitly helpful and this is the easiest possible way to have credible back-links.  Publishing your website in such directories enhances your rank in Google search.

3. Guest Blog Posting

Guest Blogging

Blogs are nothing but a plethora of content, crafted to portray the domain and nature of business. Blogs play a very vital role to attain a great Google Ranking.


Interactive content is the crux of modern communication. Instead of merely publishing the blogs, publishing the comments/ feedback/ positive or negative reactions of other experts and answering the doubts of students always helps to create a trustworthy platform for your future customers.


Its a game of diversity, the more diversified your content is the more leads you may experience over time.


You can always invite domain experts to write and develop content for your business and take advantage in terms of leads and credible ranking.


Guest posting is more about outsourcing the content and blog writing from the industry experts and creating more reliable content for your business.


Blog posts help to drive more traffic towards the business portal.


This move ultimately helps to generate a huge number of leads.

4. Leveraging Social Media

Leverage Social Media

The time has gone when social media was considered a waste of time!!  Today, Social Media is considered as a blessing for marketing activities.


We can leverage Social media in such a way that it can act as a stand-alone marketer for the business!


Social Media is a magical tool to attract students as today’s youth is considered to spend ¾th of their 24 hours on Social portals.


Ultimately, we are getting the right traffic on a single platform, we are just supposed to bang the right targets with the appropriate actions!


Social Media rightfully have very huge user bases and access to data that interests young generation. So creating your page on FaceBook or making your consistent presence on Twitter or Linked In helps to connect to your prospective consumers that are students.


This sources of Informal interaction usually attract more valid leads and that too within a less amount of time.


Advertising on social media has proved to be an effective and inexpensive way to generate leads.


As discussed earlier, we can target both types of audience with Social Media. The liberty to post the content allows us to gather the most appropriate leads.


Generic content can help us grab a hold of Type B traffic and the focused content can help us target the Type A traffic.

5. Automating Lead Generation with Software

There is a variety of software to measure/quantify effect/impression that your content has created on future customers i.e. students.


The quantification is done by assigning points for different types of engagement. This technique helps to prioritize your leads according to their levels of engagement.


Automated lead scoring gives an idea about how responsive your leads are to your marketing efforts. It can also identify people who are in the process to apply for admission but haven’t yet been in contact with you.

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