CBSE Exam Pattern 2023

The exam pattern for CBSE board exams is finally out! There have been some important modifications done in the exam pattern by the CBSE board exams for both the 10th and 12th classes.

As per the latest update, the pattern of the CBSE board exams is revised. It is distributed in two terms which means there will be two term-end exams that will be conducted for the 2023 batch students.

Fifty percent of the syllabus will be covered in each term. The first term exams will be conducted in the months of November-December and the second term exams will be conducted in March-April.

In the revised syllabus, the topics and concepts covered in each term would be related. As per the CBSE board officials, the exam pattern is modified so as to make it more transparent, student-centric, and technology-driven. The exam pattern as well as the syllabus is designed so that it has advanced provisions for different future scenarios.

New CBSE Board exam pattern

The CBSE board exams will be supervised by the external invigilators or superintendents who will be appointed by the Board. The marks acquired in both the first and second terms will be evaluated and added to the final score of the students. Below is a brief list of the changes which will be made to the exam pattern:

  • Objective questions based exams for all subjects
  • Internal assessments for all subjects
  • Internal choice assessments for all subjects
  • Exams for two levels of Mathematics will be conducted for Class 10
  • The total number of questions asked in the exam will be modified

Let us discuss the exam pattern for each term in detail.

Term 1:

As per the recent changes, the pattern of Term 1 exams will include multiple choice-based questions which will be based on case studies and assertion-reasoning. These exams will be conducted within the duration of 4-8 weeks.

Each exam would be conducted for 90 minutes and both short and long-answer-type questions will be included in the exams. In the case of the Term 1 exam, the students would need to give their answers on OMR sheets which will be scanned by the system.

These scanned sheets would be uploaded to the CBSE portal for evaluation. Upon evaluation, the marks acquired by the students will be uploaded by the school for public viewing.

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Term 2:

The Term 2 exam pattern will not be MCQ type but will include case-based, situation-based, and open-ended questions prepared in a different format based on the rationalized syllabus.

The duration of the exam would be two hours and would include both short and long answer-type questions. These exams might be converted to MCQ-type exams which would be conducted for 90 minutes if the pandemic situation does not normalize.

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Criteria for Internal assessment

The CBSE board has decided to focus on internal assessments, projects, and practical exams. The students belonging to classes 9 and 10 will have three periodic tests and some other activities which include practical work, speaking, listening, projects, etc. For the students belonging to classes 11 and 12, unit tests will be conducted at the end of every topic, exploratory activity, project, and practical.

The marks scored by the students in these internal assessments will be uploaded on the CBSE portal. These marks will be considered during the final evaluation, in case the Covid-19 situation does not improve next year.

In an official notice, the Board said that they would also provide additional resources like question banks and sample assessments for making the internal assessments more reliable and valid. Teachers will also be trained so as to ensure proper implementation of the modified scheme.

An online profile will be created for each student wherein all the assessments conducted during the year as also the marks acquired by the students in those assessments will be stored in the student profile in digital format.

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Rationalizing the syllabus

The syllabus for the CBSE board examination held in the year 2021-2022 will be rationalized similarly to the academic session conducted the last year.  An alternative academic calendar and inputs from the NCERT will be used by the schools on transacting the curriculum.

Final Board Results

As per the CBSE official notice, the final results would be calculated on the basis of the internal assessment, practical, project work, and theory marks of the exams conducted in both the term taken by the candidate from home in the subject to the moderation or other measures to ensure validity and reliability of the assessment.

The schools have already been instructed by the CBSE Board to prepare a list of candidates (LOC) who would be appearing for the 10th and 12th board exams next year. This official notification has been sent to the respective schools so that the registration of the students can be done accurately within the time allotted.    

The LOC submission and registration would be soon published on the CBSE portal. Eklavvya makes use of advanced algorithms which can help you to generate results. The result-generation process is quick and accurate.

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