AI in Education Major EdTech trends to watchout
Artificial Intelligence a major breakthrough

We have been coming across this term quite a lot these days. In fact, most of us are using AI on a daily basis. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistants behave like your personal assistants and are always at your service to take your voice commands and execute the task which you tell them to do.

Thus, AI has entered our lives only to make them easier and interesting.

AI has proved itself useful in many sectors such as marketing, health care, agriculture, banking, etc. But there is one sector which can benefit the most from AI and it is none other than the Education.

Education blended with technology, also called as EdTech, is gaining public interest. Let us see the concept of AI in EdTech in detail in the below blog.

What is the use of AI in EdTech?

Technology in the form of online meetings, seminars or conferences as also online objective exams has already been used in the corporate organizations. While online meetings helped the people from all around the world to come together in one room virtually, online exams helped people to appear for global certification exams.

Since recent years, similar kind of technology is being used in the educational field. The educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes have started switching to online EdTech.

With the help of EdTech, these institutions are adopting technological platforms for conducting classes and exams. This has resulted in tremendous growth of EdTech industry 

 The field of technology is always booming. It has been making enormous advancements which are not only proving advantageous to different sectors but also aiding the economic growth.

Artificial Intelligence, one of the most advanced and trending technology of the current times, has also entered the education sector and proved its worth in the delivery of education. It has earned a permanent place in the EdTech.

Let us now discuss the advantages of AI in EdTech in depth.

Benefits of using AI in EdTech

As we have seen before, many diverse sectors are already reaping the benefits of AI in different ways. 

But AI in EdTech is somewhat unexplored territory. The use of AI in carrying out teaching-learning activities will surely be a feather in EdTech’s cap.

There are multiple advantages of adopting AI in education as well. We have listed few of them in below.

• Personalised Learning

A fairly new concept in the education, personalised learning means learning only that syllabus which is designed as per the individual’s interest and strengths. The syllabus is tailor-made to suit the child’s grasping capacity, speed of learning and other psychological needs.

AI can prove helpful in this case. AI can collect data based on the student’s academic performances, analyze it and generate reports which contain information regarding the student’s abilities. It can help create a curriculum which exactly suits the every student.

Such a curriculum will help students to focus more on the subjects in which they are strong. This will also save the students from unhealthy competition with their peers and boost their confidence.

• Performance analysis

Artificial Intelligence can collect or extract data, organize it, store it, analyze it and generate conclusions based on that analysis. Such kind of report generation would take a lot more time if carried out manually.

AI can also collect historical data and use it to predict students’ future performances. With the help of such analysis, the teachers can see the areas where in a particular student will lag behind well beforehand. This will enable them to give more emphasis on teaching to ensure that the student understands that topic well and does not score less.

AI based algorithms can come up with teaching techniques suitable for the students’ understanding. If such a teaching technique is incorporated by the teachers, the students will definitely understand better and they will be able to retain that knowledge for longer duration.


• Instant query resolution using Chatbot

Chatbot which is an AI-powered tool is being used by many organizations to serve their customers. In the similar way, chatbots can also be used to help students out. Chatbots are programs which are available 24×7.

These chatbots can help students to get their queries resolved instantly. The students can ask something to these bots and they can instantly provide a step-wise solution to them. The students can ask same query multiple times without any worries until they understand the concept well.

The students would no longer need to depend on the teachers to get their queries resolved. This would help to reduce the efforts taken by the teachers and they can put in more efforts for those students who are lagging in studies and need personal attention and help.

While applying for admission or while attending online exams, students might have numerous queries. With the help of Chatbots, they can ask their doubts and get reply right away without waiting in the queue for their turn.

Thus instant query resolution with the help of chatbots can help to eliminate the efforts of people of manually replying and providing the solution to each student.

• Automation of administrative tasks

During online admission process, many tasks such as student application and document organization, their gradation, merit list generation, etc. which require too much manual efforts. Due to this, the admission process usually takes a lot of time.

Other tedious administrative tasks such as generating result sheets, marks allotment, maintaining attendance, book correction, etc. are carried out by the teachers or the faculty members.

AI can help to carry out these manual tasks within seconds. AI can help perform complex calculations with utmost ease. Thus AI can prove useful in reducing the manual efforts as well as the time spent on performing each of these tasks. If these tasks are automated, the teachers can channel their energy and focus on teaching. 

• Security during online exams

Due to the absence of physical invigilation, the students tend to cheat during online exams. But there are certain AI powered mechanisms which can put a stop to this immediately.

The mechanism of facial recognition helps to verify the identity of every candidate before the exam. This helps to prevent identity frauds. The voice recognition mechanism helps to capture any sounds coming from the candidate’s background. Even if this sound is very soft, voice recognition can still capture it and flag it as some unusual activity.

Another mechanism can detect usage of any electronic object by the candidate during exam. This mechanism also helps to detect any suspicious movements by the candidate. All these activities are immediately captured and flagged by the system so as to stop the student from cheating in the exam.


Thus we can see that there are numerous amazing benefits of infusing AI in EdTech. AI in EdTech can help to improve the ways of delivering education which in turn can help to improve its quality and effectiveness.

AI will certainly help to raise the bar of education delivery in the world causing a major breakthrough in whole education sector bust especially in the EdTech industry.


Since the online education has normalised, educational institutions are continuously in search of online platforms which can help them to manage all the educational activities smoothly. They require platforms which can help them to perform every activity in the online mode without hampering its integrity and efficacy.

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