SMS-and-E-mail Communication during Admission Process of Institute, University , School and Colleges

Applying to college/university is often a grueling process, particularly when students lack the guidance and resources to properly navigate the online admissions system. Email remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient communication strategies for online admissions in colleges and universities. The institutions can develop a customized email communication program to dramatically improve online admission yields.

SMS-and-E-mail Communication during Admission Process of Institute, University , School and Colleges
SMS-and-E-mail Communication during Admission Process of Institute, University , School and Colleges

Send targeted and relevant mails to students who have applied. These emails should focus on what students have indicated their interests are — whether it’s through application responses or click activity. For example, this could include sending information about study-abroad programs, internship opportunities, or the professors and activities of the academic department of the student’s intended major.

Once students fill out an application and pay the fee, colleges know they are interested in attending. This is the time to continue to nurture them, moving them further down the recruitment funnel with relevant, personalized communications. With the email tools available today, this is possible without a lot of effort.

SMS is also an effective communication strategy for colleges and universities to reach out to the candidates on the device they use most—their mobile phones – and get them to take action during online admission process.

With SMS communication, you can educate prospective students about your institution and keep it fresh in their minds. You can also send reminders about upcoming deadlines; invite them to sign up for an open house, or share links to interesting content on your website. By tracking and measuring every SMS, click, and call, you can gauge which students are the most interested in your college and most likely to apply for online admission.

After you’ve identified the most engaged prospective students, you can use SMS communication to help them successfully enroll in your institution.Email and SMS communication can thus play a completely new role in reaching online admissions goals.

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