Streamline admissions, Maximize savings


In the world of the 21st century, when everyone is moving towards digitalization, the education sector is not far behind. It is by far one of the most important sectors which can benefit from the introduction of technology.

Universities and colleges have numerous tasks piled up throughout the academic year. Right from the admission of eligible students to assigning the courses and conducting exams. Most of these administrative tasks are tedious and require a lot of manual work. Therefore, these tasks become prone to mistakes and errors.

These tasks primarily arise during the admission season. During admission, the college is presented with hundreds of thousands of applications for various courses. This makes the entire admission process long and exhausting.

A college has to collect the forms, assign the exam schedule and conduct the exam. However, this doesn’t stop there. After this, the answer sheets need to be checked, the results need to be calculated and a merit list needs to be generated.

However, technology has made this entire process simpler. Online admission portals like ePravesh can make the entire admission process a smooth ride by taking care of all the administrative tasks that crop up during the admission process.

Right from collecting the applications and conducting the exam to the evaluation of exams and generating the results, everything is done by applications like Eklavvya. The simplification of the process through technology not only helps with the admission process but also helps you reach a wider audience.

These processes also considerably reduce the expenses that are incurred by the University.

Here are some of the reasons to shift to the online admission process:

Top 9 Benefits Of Shifting To Online Admission Process

1. Successful implementation by many institutes

Recognizing the potential of the online admission process, many institutes have adopted this technology to make their admission process easier. These institutes have had a successful implementation of this technology.

This process has reduced the amount of manual labour. Consequently, the errors arising due to the physical handling of the process have also gone down.

2. Scalability

The market demands change from time to time. Scalability is the ability to adapt to the changing demands of the market. New technology needs to be scalable.

Online Admission Process helps you reach students from any place. This helps you target students located at locations away from the location of the University too.

3. Seamless Communication

Efficient online admission portals also solve the problems of communication. During the filling of the form, the contact information of the student is taken. This information is directly linked to the account.

After this, all the information related to the admission process is provided through these communication channels. Students are constantly notified through E-mails and SMS about the updates.

4. Security

One of the biggest concerns of any University is security. A problem like the paper leak is one of the biggest problems faced by colleges.

The online Admission Process by ePravesh has excellent provisions for data security. It also provides enhanced authentication and encrypted format for uploading question papers. This ensures high standards of security.

5. No upfront investment:

Unlike other software systems, Online Admission doesn’t demand an enormous investment to start with. You can subscribe to the platform and pay based on the number of users applying for the admission process.

You can get started easily with a simple subscription and without high upfront costs for software. All the things like software deployment, backups, and feature upgradation are managed by the Platform.

6. Cost saving

Due to the digitization of the admission process, the college can save a lot of expenses that occur. Since a lot of manual work is reduced, the corresponding cost is saved.

Aside from this, a lot of logistics which are involved in the traditional process are eliminated. Logistics like form distribution, entrance test conduction and result declaration are erased. Therefore, a considerable amount of expenditure is saved.

7. Less paperwork

Since the entire process is virtual, hardly any paperwork is required. Universities are not required to create physical documents. They only have to outline the forms with the help of the software. The students are supposed to fill out online forms which removes the need for physical forms.

This not only saves paper but results in less paperwork for the administration. When the admission forms are stored in virtual form, it is easy to retrieve, manage and choose the eligible students to form thousands of applications. This increases efficiency and also saves time, money and resources.

8. Admission analytics

With the help of the online admission process, it is possible to derive statistics related to the procedure. The software can rapidly analyze data from various applications as per the requirement of the institute.

The analytics regarding various courses and various exam schedules are available at the click of a few buttons. This proves to be very useful in the decision-making process.

9. Merit list processing

Aside from helping to conduct entrance exams, the online admission process also proves beneficial for correcting the answer sheets of these exams. The software helps in checking the answer sheets and saves considerable time and human effort involved in this tedious task.

It also instantly generates data for the merit list by taking into account the cut-off percentage set by you. At the same time, it also helps to inform the students who have made it to the merit list through an E-mail address and SMS.

Online Admission Process helps in multiple ways to reduce the administrative tasks that pile up during the admission season. Not only does it help to reduce the work of the university, but it also helps to reduce the overall expenditure that occurs during this time.

Therefore, Online Admission Process is a smart investment for the future of your college.