School Admission Process

School Admission process is one of the entry point for the child. Admission Process is quite tedious and technology should help to solve most of the things related to simplification of admission steps. Following are some of the key steps to make school admission process online and tech savy. It would help students, parents as well as administrators of the school.

Step1: Define the Standard Application Form 

School Admission Form
School Admission Form

The admission form should be standardized so that it will be easy for the parents to fill it without any difficulty. The online form filling process of ePravesh can simplify the overall process and entry point for the parents and students. provides a facility to customize school admission form. This form has 5 sections including Student Information, Address Details, Parents Information etc.

There is also a facility to define the date of birth criteria.

It is useful for Junior KG admissions where there is guidelines for date of birth during the selection of the students. The form can be customized instantly and the admission process can be activated in a quick time.

ePravesh School Admission Form Customization
                                                        ePravesh School Admission Form Customization


What is the standard format of online admission form?

The is a precise format of the applications forms which include the basic and other drafted specific data of the candidate.  The content of the form should include the following.

1. Picture of the candidate,
2. Name of the candidate,
3. Father’s name of the candidate,
4. Mother’s name of the candidate,
5. Guardian’s name and relation to the candidate,
6. Caste/ religion of the candidate,
7. Nationality of the candidate,
8. Mother-tongue of the candidate,
9. Address of the candidate,
10. Highest academic qualification of the candidate,

These are the typically included inquiries about the basic personal details of the applicant.

What are the types of forms ?

The schools provide the students with a number of different facilities on the school premises.
For these facilities, the students need to fill up the varied forms for the same.
The different types of forms that are drafted by the schools are

1. Admission form
2. Fee Collection Forms
3. Event Registration Forms related to various school events


Step 2: Define the Admission Process Guidelines

While form filling, the candidate or the person filling the form may come up with some difficulty related to any part of the form. This is when they are in need of some guidelines to complete  the form filling procedure.

During the Online Form filling process there should be standard guidelines, help document about how to fill the form, instructions, frequently asked questions details. The time table of the admission process should be clearly mentioned and it can be communicated to registered users over email and sms.

This will come in handy for the entrant to fill the form without any mistakes or intervention.

Many a time, the schedules and line ups of the institutions are not clearly mentioned while the admission. And that has till the date become a problem for the candidate to understand their academic year.

It helps parents to reduce queries related to the admission process.

Is would be a good idea to publish a video of admission steps and guidelines.

What are the admission guidelines and why they are necessary?

By definition, guidelines are a determined course of action. Meaning, it is like a road map to gain the ultimate results.
It is a guide that comes in handy for the user to complete the task at hand flawlessly.

With the form filling procedure, if the guidelines to fill the forms accurately are provided, then it will become easier for the applicant to fill the form much easier. With the general FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) mentioned, the applicant can easily relate to the same and then fill their forms error-free.

What is School Admission Test ?


Admission Test can be conducted if you wish to have admission for lateral entries and you would want to validate knowledge of the student prior to admission approval. Online Admission Test can be integrated with online admission form filling process which can help you to test candidates prior to the admission decision.

You can also conduct an online scholarship exam to identify bright students eligible for the scholarship. Here is one of the videos which explains how you can manage online entrance exams for your school

Usage of technology is becoming essential in current era of social distancing. Here is one of the reputed school’s videos that conducted an online scholarship exam for the students.


Step 3: Define eProspectus which can be downloaded by the online user

A prospectus is a ‘brochure’ that explains in detail about the entire structure of the educational institute, may it be financial or infrastructural.

A distinct way to make this prospectus available to every visitor of your website portal is to provide them with the soft copies of the prospectus.

Online Prospectus is a good way to communicate the value proposition of your school. It helps to convey all required information related to infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, transport facility to prospective students.

School Admission prospectus

What is a School Admission Prospectus and its formats?

A prospectus is a document, more of a booklet that schools and universities use to advertise their institution to potential parents or students.

The prospectus includes all the details of the institute that needs to be known. The contents of the prospectus includes:

1. The initial history of the institute
2. The infrastructure of the institute
3. The collaborations or ‘public relations’ of the institution
4. The extracurricular on the premises
5. The fee details and management
6. The study course format
7. The details of the faculties
8. The academic timetable

The aim of providing the prospectus is to familiarize the reader with the basic running of the institute.
This includes the chances of the organization to gain more number of applications for them, thus creating goodwill.

This will be a great initiative to make the document to the masses at the same time and will also save the cost of getting it printed and storing the hard copies of the same.

If your institution charges a certain specific amount for the prospectus, that too can be done on the online portals using the online payment option.

The plus point of having a virtual brochure is that you can reach a large number of people with minimal investment and time frame.

Step 4: Provide Seamless support over email/ phone/ Live Chat to prospective parents

communication during admission process

Prospective students or parents should find it easier to access information or communicate with school for various queries. Simple techniques of live chat/ support phone/ email can be used.

ePravesh provides facility to communicate with prospects in simplified manner.

Step 5: Communicate with parents for Admission Schedule and status of the application

Parent communication

The most inevitable factor for an educational institute is that they need to make and maintain regular and healthy correspondence with the inquirers. This helps the institutions to gain a number of alumni. This is a great strategy on their part to do the promotion of their organization.

The admission process has many steps and a timeline. It is critical to communicate the status of the application to parents on a continuous basis. Digitization has brought the entire world closer and people are expecting an instant response or communication for the services related to admission.

Advanced communication technology like SMS/ email/ What’s App or Social Media can be used so that parents will be aware of the application status of their ward.

How can communication be initiated with parents?

The objective of establishing communication with the probable parents or students is to keep them updated with the working of the entire admission procedure.

The institutions can use various means for the same as phone calls, SMS, emails, WhatsApp or even social media for that matter.

The notification of each and every step of the admission process should be informed to the parent or the student.
This helps in the reduction of queries that arise with the admission procedure.


Going virtual with the admission procedure at school levels itself will huge step to take towards the training of the students for becoming tech-savvy. Online Admission Platform Online Admission Platform is an award winning online Admission platform currently used by 100+ Institutes, universities, schools across India. Institute can register on , define courses and start collecting online applications and payments instantly. provides seamless integration with your website and other systems of your Institute. Register on today.



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