Selection and recruitment process for any job is a crucial process because it affects the future performance of an institution or a company. Selection of a wrong candidate can ruin an organization while right candidate can take his/her organization to new heights.

Assessment Technique for Recruitment

Earlier, interview was the only method to assess the candidates. Though a short interaction/ dialogue can reflect the knowledge and personality of a person, there are many more facets of a personality that can be evaluated and explored for the benefit of an institute/organization. Technology has not only provided us physical comforts, it also helps to delve deep into human psyche.  It offers variety of tools that can gauge different abilities of a person like a magic.

Technology for Simplification of Assessment Process

The technology today has made the recruitment process easier and simpler. There are various online tests to gauge the professional abilities of a candidate. Then the shortlisted candidates can face the personal interview and those who are through, can get appointed. Study shows that these tests are accurate and trustworthy as they provide precise measures of person’s skills and abilities. Thus these assessments help identify people who are well matched with required job profiles.

There is a variety of tests that are used for evaluating candidates during recruitment process-

Analytical Ability Test

This test looks at how well one can draw logical conclusions. It helps assess the ability of candidates to adapt to certain situations. It is obvious that professional field is not static. It is always changing and one has to be ready to get acclimatized with the changing situations. Analytical test is a measure to know how well one can manage and changes at work. Ability to set goals and achieve them is most preferred now a day and analytical ability test is an effective tool to measure this ability.

Technical Knowledge Test

Technical knowledge test is designed to tap individual’s knowledge of technical concepts required to perform some specific technical jobs. The test comprises of questions that gauge technical or professional expertise of applicants in respective knowledge areas. Job knowledge test helps to evaluate what a candidate knows at the time of taking the test. They are best used to inform employers whether a candidate has knowledge of what is required on the very first day of the job.

Psychometric Ability Test for Behavioral Analysis

Scholars define the psychometric test as any activity and assessment that is conducted in order to evaluate candidate’s performance and includes, but is not limited to, skills and knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and job/academic potential. Behavioral tests are conducted with a concrete purpose to underline specific personality traits that could indicate suitability for specific roles in professional field. They consist of personality questionnaires, leadership tests, motivation tests and situational judgment tests.

Role based Analytical Test

Unlike psychometric ability test, the role based analytical test focuses on individual’s ability to work in a team.  It analyses the ability of a person to treat himself/herself as a member of a group.  Even if a person is leading a team, for success of any organization his skill to be a part of a team is what matters most. This ability to successfully cooperate and collaborate with others is essential to organizational performance and the same is measured by role based analytical test.

Eklavvya Testimonial and feedback

All such technology based assessment techniques have proved fruitful for selecting right candidates.

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