breakthrough technology tools in recruitment process

The landscape of HR Technology is constantly changing. Technology is allowing companies to streamline their recruiting processes and increase productivity. A report by Mercer found that 88% of organizations globally use some form of AI for their business. Employee engagement, talent management and recruitment solutions are the most important factors driving growth in the HR Tech industry. WEF estimates that HR tech will create 58 million new jobs by 2022. Various technology tools for recruitment are evolved in recent years which are synergizing the larger and high volume recruitment needs.

Online recruitment has grown exponentially in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. With that said, there are some HR tech trends we’re seeing as more companies look to make their recruiting process more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Here are the top 5 technology tools for recruitment

#1 Automated candidate matching

Automatic screening of candidates based on job role requirements

 A popular HR technology trend is automated candidate matching, which helps connect job applicants and employers. Employers can use a series of questions to match the skills of a job seeker with the requirements of a particular job posting. This reduces costs for recruiters by eliminating the need to review every application received manually.

The skill set is defined while creating the job post, the specialized algorithms match the skill set of candidates with the required skillset. The recruiter can define related skill sets so that the system doesn’t miss out on right candidate because of word to word matching, this makes the automated candidate matching a practically applicable feature.

#2 Automated Skills Testing

Online skill assessments for job applicants

Automated skills testing provides a means of ensuring that job candidates demonstrate their abilities. This method is based on cognitive ability tests and aptitude tests, which provide measurable indices of ability through the completion of tasks. Such objective measurements can also reduce bias in hiring decisions by providing concrete data on how well candidates perform specific job-related functions.

The automated skill testing allows you to completely automate the skill assessment, as soon as the candidate applies for the job role, based on the job requirements, a skill based test gets assigned to the candidate, the candidate receives login credentials and can proceed for appearing the skill based test, the result of such tests gets displayed to candidate right after the completion of the examination.

Only those candidates who qualify the skill based test are allowed to proceed for the subsequent rounds of hiring.

#3 Video Interviews

Bulk interview process using proctored solution

Bulk interviews using audio and video are a popular new hiring platform because they are convenient and give both parties involved in the interview a better sense of each other’s personality. Video interviews can be conducted from anywhere at any time making the hiring process quick, easy and cost-effective for companies.

A most important advantage of video interview that it enables the recruiter to implement the bulk hiring, the bulk hiring process makes it possible to conduct thousands of interviews in one go, these video interviews can serve as a great tool for primary screening of the candidates.

A link of video interview is sent automatically to all the eligible candidates, the recruiter defines set of questions to candidates based on the requirement of the job role, the candidate records its answer to these questions, the recruiter can assess the candidates as per their time convenience.

The video interviews provide convenience to recruiter and applicants as well, these interviews are cost effective and can be conducted in a faster pace.

#4 Chatbots

Chatbot for support to job applicants

In recent years, chatbots have become a useful tool in the recruitment process. They allow recruiters to interact with candidates without being distracted by other tasks or becoming bored because there is not enough information about the job opening. Chatbots also automate some of a recruiter’s responses and make sure that candidates don’t get stuck on any particular question or loophole in their application. This ensures they continue to fill out the application.

The hiring processes can be lengthy and the applicant may need support from the recruiter time to time. In order to help the applicants for proceeding with their application, Chatbots can turn out to be a great tool. The chatbots can be integrated with AI to answer the questions put forth by the candidate,

#5 Automation through AI

Recruitment process automation driven by AI

AI is being used in HR tech to help predict employee attrition, identify candidates for jobs, and help companies enhance their company culture. AI has already been used in recruitment and hiring processes by many companies to automate the initial screening process and eliminate human bias from the equation. The technology is still in its infancy stage but is expected to get better with time as more data points are collected and analyzed.

AI can be integrated in all the stages of recruiting right from the primary screening of the candidate to analyzing the candidate personality, AI holds the capability of making the process automated with minimal manual intervention.

One of the most important advantage of implementing AI in recruiting is that it can make unbiased decisions on candidates, less or more, we all, including the top class recruiters face the unconscious bias which can lead the wrong selection and can potentially impact the organization in long run.

The technology for corporate has completely changed the recruitment process, the new processes are automated and accurate, are cost effective and fast. This makes the technology a center point of recruitment process.